One Sign: Church Music

There are certain signs which are tell-tale of what is happening in that culture. One need only to observe what form athletics take. Another source would be what people do for pleasure.

The onlooker can see the method business people go about commercial enterprise. In all walks of life how we act out the process of living is an indication of the warp and woof on a group of people.

The United States of America is no different. The signs of the culture are present.

The manner we Christians worship is certainly what our civilization is. There is a fallacy of the supposed God we serve.


Recently a man wrote to me and made an observation about a church auditorium where a memorial was held for his deceased sister. The brother stated in a letter that there were no drums and guitars to be found in the sanctuary. There was however, a very fine organ and piano together

Yes, this man was older. Yes, this man was concerned about the musical environment when he worships.

When anyone examines anothers view about especially religion this allows the ignorant to state the person is judgmental as if this in itself is a sin. It is not.

In the body of Christ we have a duty to state the truth whenever it calls the situation a wrong.

In the church today many churches have adopted the modern way to sing praise to God.

Your writer has said this is the 7/11 approach. There are only 7 words that these are repeated 11 times. Then 24 hours later the listeners can hardly remember the words.

The depth of the words is very shallow. It is a sign of a veneer culture. Remember the opening sentence herein certain signs which are tell-tale of what is happening in that culture.

Your author has no apology for this remark.


When the children of Israel left Egypt and came to the Red Sea in front of them and Pharaohs Army behind them it looked hopeless. God performed the miracle of splitting the sea so they could go through.

They did. Pharaohs Army was annihilated. It was then Moses and all sang a praise of deliverance. Seemingly, Miriam sang a solo for a response. See Exodus 15:1-21.

When Deborah and Barak won a battle against Sisera, the Canaan captain, we are told these two warriors of God burst into a song. This praise song is found in Judges 5:7-31.

It was part of the Hebrew culture to sing to honor the Lord. One need only to read the Psalms and see the number of times sing is used. That word alone is used over 60 times.

There were special groups who were given the task of singing to God. The temple had a special group who did just this. One place for a person to look is Nehemiah 7:1.

In the Old Testament singing songs to God was an act of praise to the Lord.

At least in their culture these people knew one way was to sing to honor and glorify the Lord.



The book of Revelation 15:3 we are told we will sing a song of Moses. Then the words are given we will sing.

Paul, the Apostle to the Gentiles, encouraged the believers to sing to the glory of God. See Ephesians 5:19 and Colossians 3:10.

In Matthew 26:30 after the Passover was finished that before leaving the room Jesus and the disciples sang a hymn. If these men sang at this time it is logical this was a common event.

Always the same is present. Words were used that made sense.

The Old and New Testament are examples how we should sing to honor the Lord.



Protestantism has produced some great hymns of celebration to the Lord. There is a book entitled 101 More Hymn Stories by Kenneth Osbeck that tells why certain hymns were written. There are 101 listings but along with the songs it tells why such were penned. Here are ten of them.

  1. A Mighty Fortress Is Our God
  2. Amazing Grace
  3. Blessed Assurance
  4. Count Your Blessings
  5. Faith of Our Fathers
  6. He Leadeth Me
  7. In The Cross of Christ I Glory
  8. Just As I Am
  9. There is a Fountain
  10. Rock of Ages

There are many other hymns that could be named but space does not allow this. We Christians are a singing group. It is to be done as a congregation and also alone.

Here are some of the great hymns writers, Martin Luther, Isaac Watts, Charles Wesley, Ira Sankey, Phillip Bliss, Fanny Crosby, and John Peterson

The following are suggestions what people can do about the lack of congregational singing.

A. Ask the minister to put hymn books back in the pews.

B. Ask the minister if the church wants modern guitar and drums then have another service.

C. Ask the minister to use older hymns or psalms.

D. Compliment the music director when hymns are played.

E. Ask the minister to quit having the congregation act as if they were attending a rock star event.

F. Ask the minister if he sees the cultural change.

There are people who see what happens in the church when the secular culture comes into the body of Christ. It will drive out those who are Christians only. There is no reason to grasp that way of life which is not Christian and it is destructive.

God sent his singers upon the earth

With song of sadness and of truth

That they might touch the hearts of man

And bring them back to heaven again


Paul Tertius (Gerald Fugit)

Blog address: www.beliefs@diggingoldwells

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