A Female Judge in Old Testament

A Woman In Charge

“And she dwelt under the palm tree of Deb’o-rah between
Ra’mah and Beth-el in mount E’phra-im: and the children
of Israel came up to her for judgment.”   Judges 4:5.

It has been a fact that women have played a very dominant role in the culture of the Israel life both in the past and in the modern times. There is a characteristic of women which some males either refuse to acknowledge or really do not want to say it exist. The characteristic of the female sex is they are weak physically. They do not rely upon muscle power to change circumstances. Our mothers, sisters, aunts, and daughters can analyze events and then devise a scheme to overcome a troubling problem.

Will women use force to obtain a result that they think is beneficial to their benefit? Of course, these weaker creatures will plot to bring about desired results. The problem is that most men never fully realize the manipulation that goes on when they are thought to be simple and ignorant  – which these women are not.

One can admit the power of women but it does not mean women are morally correct. Look at our present situation. Hillary Clinton can easily be condemned for her past in the following:

• Whitewater actions.
• Death of Vince Foster.
• Persecution of women who her husband had sexual affairs both consensual and non-consensual.
• Support of such countries of Saudi Arabia, Libya and Iran which put down women.
• Benghazi killings.
• Muslim support.

The list of Hillary’s alleged wrongdoings could be added to many we already know.

There is another group of women in our society which is seldom mentioned. These females have a huge impact upon our culture even though as a group are not mentioned. You can read about them in various ways but these women are not mentioned otherwise. In the newspaper, or on the internet there will be short glimpses of these persons. Unfortunately, their exploits can be read in the obituary of the daily newspaper or even at the funeral if one is even told then. The group is nameless.

In a generic sense the name of these women is “Volunteers for Good Causes”.

Here are listed certain groups even though specific names of the organization.

Women are teachers in Sunday school.
• Hospital helpers without pay.
• Public school assistants for instructors.
• Patriotic supporters for the troops.
• Volunteer organizations – i.e., Gideon’s, Masonic groups & other special groups.

The point is that we must never put down the tremendous impact women have and have had in the past.



Rather than making a long list of females who were called out by God in various venues to spread His word and announce some coming marvelous event. It is an act in the Bible.

It was announced to Pharaoh’s daughter a male baby was born, this is found in Exodus 2:5. In Judges 13:3 Samson’s mother was given the good news. Again Ruth relays a beautiful story of how the great grandmother of David came into the family line especially in Ruth 4:17.

In the Old Testament we are shown in I Samuel 1:11. There are others in the Old Testament but the point is that women were important in the true stories of the Old Testament.

The new Testament is replete with Jesus Christ and the women who touched and came near to the Son of God. Look at Luke 1:6 about Elizabeth. The startling magnificent prophecy of the angel to Mary as found in Luke 1:28 talks of the coming Saviour.
Who was it that came to the tomb first? None other than a woman as John 20:1, writes about it. We do not know for certain but the first convent in Europe may have been a woman as set out in Acts 16:14 whose name was Lydia.

All of these examples are found in the Old and New Testaments.  These examples are not all of the references of the impact of women.

It is a mistake to downplay where women have fit into the plan and will of God. The Church of today makes a mistake when it will not allow women to take part in the planning and foundation of the basic elements of the body of Christ. Women can add much to the strength of the progress of His Body on earth.


My mother, years ago, formed and created a group called “The Go Ye Society”,  in a Church in Columbia, Kentucky to support and lead missionary work. It was not the men who did this – but the women of the congregation. It is unknown whether this society is in existence at this time.

My father, a Christian minister, always said the women man the works of the church. He should have known because he was a minister for decades.


Judges 3, set out at least three men who were judges before Deborah. They were Othniel, Ehud, and Shamgar.

The fourth Judge was Deborah who must have been an Amazon-type female.



An army which had nine hundred chariots was a huge force to be reckoned with. If it were possible, one could say in the modern world this would be equivalent to nine hundred tanks or armored vehicles. This makes an enemy of infantry fearful. Judges 4:3, tells us of this event.

“And the children of Israel cried unto the Lord: for he
had nine hundred chariots of iron: and twenty years
he mightily oppressed the children of Israel.”
This came about because Israel gravitated to evil ways and it was then God put punishment upon them. Judges 4:1-2, tells of the old patterns of sin and then asked God to remove the judgment upon them.

“And the children of Israel again did evil in the sight
of the Lord, when E’hud was dead.
And the Lord sold them into the hnd of Ja’bin king of
Canaan, that reigned in Ha’zor; the captain of hose
host was Sis’e-ra, which dwelt in Ha-ro’sheth of the

Here we have a woman who was talented in several ways. She must have been known the civil law and God’s command to march. She also was a woman who could pick out a leader to meet the situation. She saw in this man Barak. What he deserved was support from this woman of God. She even told him where to bring the army to gather. Judges 4:6 gives the plan.

“And she sent and called Ba’rak the son of A-bin’o-am
out of Ke’desh-naph’ta-li, and said unto him, Hath not
the Lord God of Israel commanded, saying, go and
draw toward mount Ta’bor, and take with thee ten
thousand men of the children of Naph’ta-li and of the
children of Zeb’u-lun?”

We do not know the battle plan but this must have been the place of engagement because chariots cannot be much a force on rough ground.

Here was a woman who gave support to Barak. This may have been similar to the wife of Ulysses S. Grant. If she was not with General Grant, then he would get drunk. She kept him sober.

Deborah even picked out the day of the battle. Judges 4:14 lays out the rules of engagement. The battle was won because Judges 4:15 pictures the event.

“And Deborah said unto Ba’rak, up; for this is the
day in which the Lord hath delivered Sis’e-ra into
thine hand: is not the Lord gone out before thee?
So went down from mount ta’bor, and ten
Thousand men after him.
And the Lord discomfited sis’e-ra, and all his
chariots, and all his host, with the edge of the
sword before Ba’rak; so that sisera lighted down
off his chariot, and fled away on his feet.”

The commander of the chariots was Sisera who was the only man left at the conclusion. His chariot was not functional, thus he fled on foot according to Judges 4:17.

“Howbeit Sis’e-ra fled away on his feet to the tent
of Ja’el the wife of He’ber the ken’ite: for there
was peace between Ja’bin the king of Ha’zor and
the house of He’ber the Ken’ite.”

Here we have evil fleeing and asked the woman who met him to be sure she would lie about his being in her tent.

In order for evil to continue it must depend upon deception. As he slept, death was upon him. A tent peg was pounded into his temple as told by Judges 4:22-23.

“And behold, as Ba’rak pursued Sis’e-ra, Ja’el came
out to meet him, and said unto him, come, and I
will shew thee the man whom thou sleekest. And
when he came into her tent, behold, Sisera lay dead,
and the nail was in his temples.
So God subdued on that day Ja’bin the king of
Canaan before the children of Israel.”

The destruction of evil comes about in unique and strange ways. The rule must always be rise up and fight but also stand still and allow God to move in. He will in his time stamp out confusion and bring order.



The key to understanding this fourth chapter of Judges is a simple matter. We must look to people who speak in behalf of Jehovah God. Deborah was that person. There will be a person who will appear to lead us. We should never forget it is God we seek and his will. Do not be downhearted. God rules.

In the last fifty years there has been the rising up of people who declare their allegiance to God.

Our leaders have not been Godly persons. This includes the Republicans and Democrats parties.

Pray for a Deborah and a Barak to appear in our lives.





“True-hearted, whole-hearted, faithful and loyal,
King of our lives, by Thy grace we will be;
Under the standard exalted and royal,
Strong in Thy strength we will battle for Thee.

Peal out the watchword! silence it never!
Song of our spirits, rejoicing and free
Peal out the watchword! loyal forever,
King of our lives, by Thy grace we will be.

True-hearted, whole-hearted, fullest allegiance
Yielding henceforth to our glorious King;
Valiant endeavor and loving obedience,
Freely and joyously now would we bring.

True-hearted, whole-hearted, Savior all-glorious!
Take Thy great power and reign Thou alone,
Over our wills and affections victorious,
Freely surrendered and wholly Thine own.”

June 26, 2016



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