Bolsheviks Are Among Us

“And the children of Israel
Departed thence at that time, every
Man to his tribe and to his family,
And they went out from thence
Every man to his inheritance.
In those days there was no king
In Israel: every man did that which
Was right in his own eyes.”
Judges 21:24-25.

In recent days, we have been told that certain memorials are evil. This is a lie. The scum that perpetuates that falsehood should be met head on with the truth. Few people will stand and deny these remarks.

The big push is to remove any semblance of the Confederacy. In the South, these metal depictions of war honor our former leaders, such as Lee, Jackson and other generals.  They believed it was right to secede from the Union.

That war is over. That war ended in 1865. That war should never have been fought. The hotheads who pushed the conflict were for the most men that had never been part of a war.

Lincoln was such a man. He did start to go to an Indian conflict. It seems those who promote armed conflict have not seen the events which war brings about.

This is happening in our nation today. A group of young people who are given the name of Millennials are in the forefront and are causing violent upheavals. The reason for this is because the teachers of various universities criticize our economic system.

These mushed-brained young people do not know the first thing about discipline or loyalty. They are easily led to ignorant economic ideas. Everything is instantaneous commitment.

Discipline is not part of their makeup – mentally or physically.


Lenin Leading the Bolsheviks


In Russia, certain events happened in 1917 during World I.  Russia quit fighting. The Czar was overthrown. A huge conflict ensued. The Red army was led by Lenin. He was a communist. Through a series of events he became the leader of the Soviet Union.

This group of people were called Bolsheviks.  They were notorious for killing their own people. When Lenin died – Stalin became the leader of the Bolsheviks. It has been reported he saw to it that 50,000,000 – PLUS of his own people died!  Let’s never forget that they were socialist.

The same tactics by them are being fostered today by the Left. The media and the Democratic Party are really Bolsheviks. Yes even some in the cowardly Republican Party have adopted that mind set. When God is not the center of a life then evil men can take over the direction for their followers. Here are a short list that both has used.

·       No public discussion of issues,

·       Violence if one opposed them,

·       Steal, lie, and kill if necessary,

·       Will of people must control,

·       People should be given rather: than work for their property,

·       Nationalism is fundamentally wrong, and

·       Live for now not tomorrow.



In recent weeks – the low-life scum, liars, & hate-mongers are Bolsheviks that have used the Civil War memorials to destroy property. When the media depicts what is happening, they depict these venomous, toxic & malicious creatures as legitimately upholding their Civil Rights. Their destructive power is directed toward the statues of Confederate generals.  Let’s try to figure this out in a rational manner.History of the Bolshevik Revolution

These cast iron statues have not deprived any of these Bolsheviks of the following:

·       Food,

·       Transportation,

·       Clothing,

·       Education, or

·       Vocal expression.


Have you noticed it is the Millennials who are speaking out with hatred and lies? The media cannot tell the truth about what is happening. There is no logic to their lies.

There are several examples in the Old Testament when leaders told people to build monuments. Joshua 4:9,20-22, tell us the reason for this.

“And Joshua set up twelve stones
In the midst of Jordan, in the place
Where the feet of the priests which
Bare the ark of the covenant stood:
And they are there unto this day.
And those twelve stones, which
They took out of Jordan, did Joshua
Pitch in Gilgal.
And he spake unto the children
Of Israel, saying, when your children
Shall ask their fathers in time
To come, saying, what mean these
Then ye shall let your children
Know, saying Israel came over this
Jordan on dry land.”

There was another memorial that the leaders of Israel carried with them. It was the Arch of the Covenant. You can see how it went with these Hebrews are told in Joshua 3:3.

“And they commanded the people
Saying, when ye see the ark of
The covenant of the LORD your God,
And the priests the Levites bearing
It. Then ye shall remove from your
Place, and go after it.”

There could be other illustrations mentioned about this box in numerous places in the Old Testament.


A third memorial that God used for instruction were the altars that were built. The first we have record of was by Noah in Genesis 8:20.

“And Noah builded an altar unto
The LORD; and took of every clean
Beast, and of every clean fowl, and
Offered burnt offerings on the altar.”

Here we know that Noah worshiped the Almighty One.

What has been listed here are three examples of manmade structures that were memorials to some event.

What the present day resembles – is casting in iron what one person did generally at that place by certain odium.

The center of attention in the latest acts of the Bolsheviks was and is to destroy all sense of morality. Most people are so ignorant of the history of the United States.

It is a fact that the Civil War was not started about slavery!


It centered up the fact that the South did NOT have the right to secede from the Union. Lincoln considered blacks as inferior to whites. You might read his remarks in the Lincoln-Douglass debates.

God approves of erecting memorials.



The issue that comes to mind is what does Jesus Christ speaks about memorials. Does he? Can this be found in Matthew, Mark, Luke or John? It was the Messiah who was able to put issues in very simple direct terms. He did this for us also.

There is one memorial that was put in place by the Nazarene. This is for those who are Christians. We neither have a restriction or have closed view who can participate in this event. Some denominations do not practice the tradition – while others do it at different times and place. It is the Lord’s Supper

We know that the early church adhered to its focus on the first day of the week. Acts 20:7, tells the reader what was happening. Breaking of bread was another name for the Lord’s Supper.

“And upon the first day of the
Week, when the disciples came
Together to break bread, Paul
Preached unto them, ready to depart
On the morrow; and continued his
Speech until midnight.”

It was Jesus that gave us this memorial. When a person reads Mark 14:22-25, it can be seen what this is.

“And as they did eat, Jesus took
Bread and blessed, and brake it, and
Gave to them, and said, take, eat:
This is my body.
And he took the cup, and when
He had given thanks, he gave it to
Them: and they all drank of it.
And he said unto them, this is
My blood of the new testament,
Which is shed for many.
Verily I say unto you, I will
Drink no more of the fruit of the
Vine, until that day that I drink it
New in the kingdom of God.”

After becoming a believer this is not just a tradition but it is a God-sanctioned memorial that a Christian should participate in.

Here again is a memorial that should not be broken or ridiculed. It can be asked whether there are any memorials for us to follow when we accept Jesus Christ as our personal Savior.

The answer is yes. This was commenced the time the first gospel sermon was spoken. Here are the steps:

1. Confess Christ

2. Repent of your sin

3. Be immersed in water.

From the inception of Christianity one see this was a memorial it is in Acts 2:38, we are told.

“The Peter said unto them,
Repent, and be baptized every one of
You in the name of Jesus Christ for
The remission of sins, and ye shall
Receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.”

What has been set out is the Old Testament and the New Testament is to have memorials.


It is foolish not to consider how much past history can teach us.



Tomorrow will not be like today. The difference will be shocking. Some people do not want to consider what the future will be yet as intelligent humans we must say to ourselves we will look the future in the face.  The Church no longer mirrors our culture or how we should be. Single people are less likely to attend church.

We should never assume people understand what a Church can do.


Church attendance sometimes makes people confused. Standing! Sitting & Mumbling! Eating small crackers! Drinking a small cup of red grape juice! Songs about farming! This list could be added to. In short, the Millennials have not been taught the values of Christianity.

Unless a change happens in the future, Christianity will be ridiculed and prohibited. It seems that cross-wearing will be prohibited in the marketplace. Then, the Christian symbols will be torn down from Churches.

Some of this has already started under the atheist judicial system. No praying is allowed in public. No bible reading in the public schools.  I have lived through this upheaval – myself. Murder of the unborn is accepted.

Yet there are some good signs because President Donald Trump talks about God.  Many people know that the Democratic Party endorses liars and thieves.

People are generally disgusted with politicians, because they are seen as frauds. Which they are.


The change is coming. Hopefully for the good. Our national memorials should be kept – even though they were erected by flawed men. There is hope – because out of trials and tribulation can come a glorious future.



·       Remember the past.

·       Be constructive.

·       Memorials are important.

·       Jesus gave us a memorial.






“I can hear my saviour calling.
I can hear my saviour calling.
I can hear my saviour calling.
Take thy cross and follow, follow me.

Where he leads me I will follow.
Where he leads me I will follow.
Where he leads me I will follow.
I’ll go with him with him all the way.

I’ll go with him through the judgment.
I’ll go with him through the judgment.
I’ll go with him through the judgment.
I’ll go with him with him all the way

Where he leads me I will follow.”


Gerald K. Fugit
August 20, 2017

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