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What To Expect in HELL

   by Paul Tertius In Scripture there are several descriptions of what Hell will be. Surprisingly the writer’s give a graphic picture what one can expect. This subject just is not mentioned in the pulpit of the United States. One wonders why the preachers hold back in the discussion of the future abode of many.…

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One characteristic of a degenerate culture is to become naked. When a comment like this is made, people laugh. It then becomes delirious. The most people are foolish and do not care about morals. You should know that the covering of the physical body is an indication of the values a society places upon the…

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Fellowship Or Denomination

Are the Christian Churches/Churches of Christ a denomination? Let me give a definitive answer: yes and no. Denomination is an ambiguous word that has several meanings, the core meaning being something different or separate. For example, a ten dollar bill is a denomination of money. Why? Because it is not a five dollar bill. The…

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Volume 1 Before we can master any human activity, we must know the fundamentals of the enterprise. As we look and see humans, there is a disregard of this basic idea. People do not think mastering key components of the work is necessary. Yet, if asked about the fundamentals people will respond yes, they are…

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Dealing With Beliefs is a Social Need

This is not an agricultural site, this is a site for examining christian beliefs and social acceptance.

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