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One Sign: Church Music

There are certain signs which are tell-tale of what is happening in that culture. One need only to observe what form athletics take. Another source would be what people do for pleasure. The onlooker can see the method business people go about commercial enterprise. In all walks of life how we act out the process…

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No Committees

About every year there is a rehash of the explosion of the Challenger Space Shuttle after it left the launch pad. When there is some noticeable catastrophe immediately a blue ribbon committee is formed. It is always the same no honest findings, distortion of the truth and no heads will roll. There was a man,…

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How Churches Grow

HOW CHURCHES GROW One of the great wonders of the world was Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem. The way this edifice was constructed made it magnificent and majestic. Some have said it was one of the wonders of the ancient construction by man. We only have a verbal description. THE BUILDING Even though much of the…

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Fire Building

In our society today there is a call for a change in how we approach the horrid predicament the nation is in. One troop wants to produce a socialist nanny government. The other group clearly comments the United States should return to the rules of the Constitution. A third group states there should be no rules.…

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Fellowship Or Denomination

Are the Christian Churches/Churches of Christ a denomination? Let me give a definitive answer: yes and no. Denomination is an ambiguous word that has several meanings, the core meaning being something different or separate. For example, a ten dollar bill is a denomination of money. Why? Because it is not a five dollar bill. The…

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