Our Battle is in the Mind.


“Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and he
shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer
the righteous to be moved.”
Psalm 55:22.

The people or groups that are victorious in History are consistently able to twist events to prove that they were successful and the other group was not.

One example of this was World War I, when the Allies told Germany what they would be allowed, (or not allowed), to do in the future. They made it appear as if the coalition of Great Britain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, and the United States won.

This was very twisted mentally. The disgrace of the treaty of Versailles was obvious to any intelligent and observant person. It was inhuman what the allies did to Germany.

A strange man then – arose who said Germany will punish you in a colossal war. He did what he said he’d do, too! He even wrote a book on what his plans were. Few people have ever heard of this volume. The name of the book was “Mein Kompf”.

This was the future of what Adolf Hitler wanted to happen. This dictator rose to the level of Germany’s National Leader and was forthright with his remarks. The result now is known as World War II.

The lives lost have been estimated to be approximately 30,000,000 people – not to mention the loss of property, real and personal. It also was responsible for the Socialist Bolshevistic’s taking over Eastern Europe for a 60-year rule. Then, the United States became engaged in the Cold War.


The degradation of the Bolshevist Revolution was brought about because of what happened after World War I. You must understand that consequences follow actions.


For some inconsitent reason, historians refuse to look at entire events. In fairness, it may be true that one should wait for 25-30 years to summarize the impact of events. It takes time for the truth to come out. Your author is a firm believer that for the truth to come forth it takes time. Here are some events you may never have heard or read about:

  • Assyrian Holocaust,
  • Greek Holocaust,
  • Armenian Holocaust,
  • Christian Russian Holocaust, Jewish Holocaust,
  • American Indian Holocaust, and
  • U.S. Holocaust & abortions.


Each one of these has been motivated by evil urges. It has always been a question why all Jews are not opposed to abortion since they always speak out against the Jewish Holocaust. It is as if they have a mental block when speaking of the two most recent mass murders.

Another example of how people think is the situation of slavery in the United States. Seldom do you ever hear it mentioned that the blacks, in Africa, sold their own people to be slaves. Often, as not it was the muslims that did this.

Yes, white men brought the blacks to America, but it was the black who sold them to the slave masters. Recently, there have been stories that indicated Libyan slaves were being acquired from the Sab-Sahara in Africa.


Our nation has paid a tremendous price to free the men and women who were once slaves.



Our Battle is in the Mind.There is a valid reason why men cannot be consistent. The reason is that sin warps our ability to think in the same pattern as we do so in each of our thought process.

Here is an example to support this. Most people would say it is wrong to steal a car but if possible, we will cheat on our time cards. This is a form of theft! One is personal property and the other is time. We have double standards.

It seems that the citizens of the United States are very inconsistent in what they do. The obvious teaching comes through day after day. Recently, there have been three women who had each worked at my office. One decided she would only work when she wanted. Another did not tell the truth. Another, just didn’t come back after being in the office ONLY four hours.

When I talked to the other employees – none of them were shocked by what I said. Actually, each one had several stories to describe even more details than what I said. Food is plentiful. Cars can be bought with no credit. Clothes are given away. Shelters can be had every night. The Government wants a program for every need. These consequences have not been placed upon us yet.


Jesus Christ didn’t teach us to act like this in the New Testament.


It is not generally accepted by Church menbers that the Body of Christ has plans for the following actions:

  • Money,
  • Law obeying,
  • Social activity,
  • Evangelizing,
  • Food,
  • Church attendance, and
  • Church organization.


There are suggestions – as well as some commands for we Christians to be able to set our lives in order.


The United States has not been a country of purity. In many ways we are God-fearing; but this is not always the case.

Let me illustrate how the problem could be showing up here in Midland, Texas. It is money driven. Gasoline in Midland, Texas sells for $2.69 per gallon today, this is the highest gasoline price in Texas. There is an oil refinery within 42 miles. There may be another one within 120 miles.

Our prices have been higher than other places in Texas for years! Gasoline should be cheaper here, because it is the center of one of the largest oil fields in Texas and perhaps – even in entire world.

There are two laws on the same set of books for people. The common people are held accountable for ALL of the written laws.  The Elites are permitted to follow another set of laws. They are: Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Comey McCabe, Jess Sessions and the rest of them in the Republican Party.

The latter commit felonies and then have no punishment for their offenses. There seems to be no ground rules for the above named. There is no logical reason for this. Actually, it is destructive to the fundamentals of our Constitutional Republic.



There is an evil among people who profess Christ as their Savior. This has been given a name. It is denominationalism. Christians have divided themselves as non-denominational. In fact, that is exactly what they are, a segregated group.

No-one for sure what these people are. They say they follow the Bible; but as a fact, there is no pattern. Some say immersion is only a practice, while others say it is an essential tool for salvation. Some call themselves the Bible church, but do not love Christ, God or the Holy Spirit or even mention His Name. Some believe in physical healing. Others do not.

What this does is a mockery to the outside world. John 17:22, tells us His prayer was that we be one.

“And the glory which thou gavest me I have
Given them; that they may be on, even as
We are one.”


That prayer has not been answered yet.


It seems to me that all sectarians names should be thrown away and we should only be known as Christians. This will not happen. It seems that once we find an error in the Body of Christ, it should be tossed out. Acts 11:26, tells us what our name was/is to be.

“And when he had found him, he brought
him unto Antioch. And it came to pass,
that a whole year they assembled
themselves with the church, and taught
much people. And the disciples were
called Christians first in Antioch.”

It was foretold we were to be given another name in Isaiah 65:15.

“And ye shall leave your name for a
curse unto my chosen: for the Lord God
shall slay thee, and call his servants
by another name.”

Do you realize that the Modern Church in America has become as useful as a piece of wet spaghetti? There is no desire to change the world for Jesus the Nazarene. If this situation were not so serious it would be a laughing matter.


Once you have accepted Christ you are a part of the Church, which is stated in Acts 2:47.

“Praising God, and having favour with
all the people. And the Lord added to
the church daily such as should be saved.”


The idiotic idea you can be a part of the Body of Christ and not be a Member of the Church is just a lie you have told yourself. Let me set out some concepts that the New Testament proclaimed:

  • Church is to be one,
  • Congregations are to be independent,
  • Bible is what we are to live,
  • New Testament sets the pattern,
  • Act where the New Testament informs us, and
  • Deductions from the Bible are wrong and sinful.



There can be a means for our faith and practice.


Evil will take over Church buildings if they become vacant.


Remember that Christian buildings will become mosque, bars, restaurants, and museums – as the Christian Churches falter and fail. Look and see how it is already happening in the United States.


As Christians, we are commanded to take warfare to the devil and his evil demons. There must be a Declaration of War against evil. Satan must never win by default.


We are told that Christ loved the Church, and Paul gave the members in Ephesians 5:25, special instructions.

“Husbands, love your wives, even as
Christ also loved the Church, and gave
Himself for it.”

Christ knew what he was doing, as it was told to Paul in Ephesians 2:20.

“And are built upon the foundation of
the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ
Himself being the chief corner stone.”


There is a group of people who seek to be known as the people of the Restoration Plea. They are a form of the remnant that say that we will ONLY follow just what is written in the New Testament and that is how we will worship Him. Our name is Christian only. We take no creed. We neither add nor decrease to the Bible.

Some would say that we are too strict or we are Fundamentalists’. Feel free to have your own beliefs. Ours is the way of Jesus Christ. It doesn’t matter how we’re referred to. We are – what we are!



  • We must be consistent.
  • You must use the Bible for living.
  • Only use the Bible for Life.
  • Face the enemy for victory.



“Give of your best to the Master;
Give of the strength of your youth;
Throw your soul’s fresh, glowing ardor
Into the battle for truth.

Jesus has set the example,
Dauntless was He, young and brave;
Give Him your loyal devotion;
Give Him the best that you have.

Give of your best to the Master;
Give of the strength of your youth;
Clad in salvation’s full armor,
Join in the battle for truth.

Give of your best to the Master;
Give Him first place in your heart;
Give Him first place in your service;
Consecrate every part.

Give, and to you will be given;
God His beloved Son gave;
Gratefully seeking to serve Him,
Give Him the best that you have.

Give of your best to the Master;
Naught else is worthy His love;
He gave Himself for your ransom,
Gave up His glory above.

Laid down His life without murmur,
You from sin’s ruin to save;
Give Him your heart’s adoration;
Give Him the best that you have.”


God Bless our Republic.




Gerald K. Fugit
412 N. Texas
Odessa, TX 79761
April 15, 2018




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