Our government wants to enslave us.


“Your riches are corrupted, and “Your riches are corrupted, and Your garments are moth-eaten.” James 5:2.

There are certain words that describe an event or situation. As humans, we seek to use that word in our vocabulary. This is common for us to speak. One word that sums up the condition.

The word that sums up the United States at this time. It is “corrupt”. The following are other words that give to us the meaning of corrupt. Here is a partial list which allows us to have a better understanding of corrupt:

Immoral, wicked, deprived, evil, and loose. The dictionary has a longer list than what has been set out here.

We, Christians, have been pushed AGAIN to the sidelines – as if we were a plague on the culture. The value systems we endure are often ridiculed to the point that we have no place in society. This is not the first time that a society has rejected we Christians.

In the past, the followers of Christ always have been able to re-assert ourselves.

The Roman Empire under various emperors tried to eradicate us from the planet. This failed when Constantine ruled from the seat of power. Then later the numerous barbarians tried to destroy us. In the end, they became convents to the lowly carpenter from Galilee.

Then the church became so corrupt that a man by the name of Luther brought the body of believers to repentance. It was then the Protestant faith came into being.

Now five hundred years later the culture and some so-called believers have fallen away and YES –  are corrupt.
Here is an example how the church has become so corrupt. My daughter is a part of an organization that feeds 400 people each night. Yes, there are homeless in central Texas … Dallas,Texas.

One night a couple were in charge of feeding this collection of people. The food never arrived because the people in charge forgot it. When called to ask why the food did not arrive a flippant answer was spoken by these people.
I call this corruption. This couple belongs to one of the richest churches in Dallas, Texas – if not in Texas. There are other examples which could be set forth.

In the last few weeks a female comedian held up the severed head of President Donald Trump. This is an indication how low the culture has fallen.

There is also a play that has been produced by low life scum who despise President Donald Trump all because he wants to set aside some of the socialist-leaning of some people. One must understand that mainly 50% of the people are in fact socialist.


The obviously is happening to us as a people. There are two groups who people sought the destruction of capitalism:
One is the academic group. This is from the first grade though a Doctorate in a discipline.

The second is the church itself as far as I can tell both are to blame if one is worse than the other – it would be the other.

The Holy Scripture teaches capitalism it and it never espouses any form of socialism, Here are some references where it is a part of the life of that person.

Paul was a tent maker by profession, Acts 18:3.

“ And because he was of the same Craft, he abode with them, and Wrought: for by their occupation  They were tentmakers”.

Then the Lord also told the story of the rich man who gave talents (money) to some men to produce extra funds. Matthew 25:14,15.

“For the kingdom of heaven is as A man traveling into a far country, Who called his own servants, and Delivered unto them his goods. And unto one he gave five talents To another two, and to another One; to every man according to  His several ability: and straightway Took his journey.”

This is what should strike us as a command what we should produce, Matthew 25:27,28:

“Thou oughtest therefore to Have put my money to the exchangers, And then at my coming I should Have received mine own with usury. Take therefore the talent from Him, and give it unto him which hath Ten talents.”

There are various other passages that could illustrate the point of capitalism found in the Bible.

There is a man who is a Christian economist who has written most extensively on this subject.  His name is Gary North. If you have not read any of his commentaries, you should. They are enlightening.


When the children of Israel marched into the Promised Land the free meals were over, each person was on his or her own. The Old Testament tells the twelve the tribes you are on your own. Produce or die.

The church as a whole will not teach capitalism. This requires work and discipline that most preachers have never learned.  Now what the church is we must tap the conscience of the middle class and the wealthy.

We Welcome you to comment on this concept at the end of this lesson.

This generation is filled with hypocrisy. The snowflakes of today have not been taught the core values of work and thrift. The churches are fundamentally corrupt. When the pastors and priests don’t teach fundamental economics, –  the result will always be corruption.

Those who are rich who have inherited wealth often are huge givers to the most liberal of liberals. This is perplexing to anyone who examines their attitude. Then too is the mind set of such foundations.  These leaders made their wealth by understanding capitalism.

  • Carnegie
  • Ford
  • Pew, and
  • Rockefeller

There is one evil person who has not yet been mentioned: George Soros.

What is the reason these people have not upheld capitalism or Bible principles? There may be several reasons that should be thought through.

First, they did not make or create the wealth on their own. This may cause a deep guilt that cannot be seen.

Second, they do not give the common principles of wealth creation.

Third, which seems to be more plausible. This gives them a wall or shield from having to explain what they are doing in their sordid lives. When such degenerates as Hillary Clinton, Bernice Sanders and liberal universities are continually able to receive ‘donations’ of  money –  this is a payoff.   Don’t  disturb their lives.

In fact, it is silence money.

What should happen is huge crowds should gather and accuse each of their faults. Would the media respond? At first – No!  After they reached massive proportions of coverage – then,  yes!

Remember this about Jesus Christ, our  God.  Man was one who upheld God’s law. He saw through the fraud, falsity and foibles of people. Matthew 23:2-4.

“Saying, the scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat: All therefore whatsoever they Bid you observe. That observe and Do; but not ye after their works: For they say, and do not. For they bind heavy burdens and Grievious to be borne, and lay them On men’s shoulders: but they themselves Will not move them with one Of  their fingers.”

When the law of Jehovah and Jesus Christ is not accepted, there are strange events that happen. Nature will not accept a vacuum. Something will rush in to take its place.

Europe is now experiencing the madness of having the evil muslims on their soil. You have seen it on the news.

• Rape,

• Killings,

,• Sharia law, and

 • Destruction of Christianity.


The same things will happen in the United States if we do not control our environment. Wealth & money must be controlled.

If Christianity is to be a force in society then there must be a change in the teaching of what is evil and wrong.
Put the blame where it belongs. The most recent shooting on the baseball field can be put at the door of Bernie Sanders,  It was his words and rhetoric that brought it about. The media created his message of violence. Sanders was funded by The Wealthy people.

The Democratic Party carries the weight of guilt as well as those who supplied money to these creeps – Sanders, Clinton and lesser scum. It’s no wonder  that the liberals feel they must try to destroy President Trump.

The Republicans and Democrats will accept funds from anyone so that they can stay in office. The Republicans have about seven years to come up with a plan to change Obama Care. Did they? No!

The Republican have had seven years to come with a plan to fix the IRS. Did they? No!  The List continues On and On!



As common people, we know Washington D.C. gives us no hope. As we look around we see corruption in many venues, places, and sites.

The funding by the Liberals for all sorts of crazy & evil causes is going to continue.

The corruption will finally bring disaster to this nation.  When will it conclude – I do not know. Here are some examples when corruption was exposed for what it was:

• French Revolution,

,• Russian Revolution against Czar,

,• Great Britain brought on Cromwell, and

 • Mexico’s Santa Ana defeated by Sam Houston.


Finally, corruption will sink of its own weight. There are other situations that could illustrate the point.  We’re not sure how many it will take to bring on disaster.

The rate we are traveling, (economically), there will be a huge change which will come about. It may be one of the following:

Blood revolution,

,• Change in a government form,

• Great default in economics and,

• Return to Bible principles.



We must be as follows:

1. Working man: Ephesians 2:10.

2. Wait on God : Psalm 130:5.

3. Time with God : Psalm 105:4

4. No support from God: Isaiah 41:10.




“”Are ye able,” said the Master,

 “to be crucified with me?”

 “Yea,” the sturdy dreamers answered,

 “to the death we follow thee.” 


Lord, we are able.

Our spirits are thine.

Remold them, make us, like thee, divine.

Thy guiding radiance above us

Shall be a beacon to God, to love, and loyalty. 

2. Are ye able to remember,

 when a thief lifts up his eyes,

 that his pardoned soul is worthy

 of a place in paradise? 



3. Are ye able when the shadows

 close around you with the sod,

 to believe that spirit triumphs,

 to commend your soul to God? 



4. Are ye able?

Still the Master whispers down eternity,

and heroic spirits answer,

 now as then in Galilee.””






June 18, 2017


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