Danger Spots

“Woe to them that are at ease in Zion, and trust
in the mountain of Samaria, which are named
chief of the nations, to whom the house of Israel
came!”      Amos 6:1.

Before this writer has said there are but three ways to read Holy Scripture. No matter how men try to explain the reading of the Bible there are but three. Most people should realize this. Yet it seems many people have never analyzed this. Yet their very future eternal life depends upon it.

First, but simply some are so arrogant that they consider themselves learned, state the Bible is a fable, poetry or out right lies. The fool has said there is no God. Psalm 14:1 discusses this:

“The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt,
they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.”

The Lord God created the cosmos, the earth and all that is therein. Man did not.

Second, the vast majority of humans seemingly say there is God but they will only act upon the areas chosen. This was the obvious mental attitude of the Northern Kingdom, Israel. The prophets openly condemned this way of life. I Kings 22:15-16 is the report given by a prophet that one should listen to the Word of God:

“So he came to the king, and the king said unto him, Micaiah, shall we go
against Ramothgilead to battle, or shall we forbear? And he answered him, Go
and prosper: for the Lord shall deliver it unto the hand of the king.”
“And the king said unto him, How many times shall I adjure thee that thou
tell me nothing but that which is true in the name of the Lord?”

Third, the path which the few follow is what Holy Scripture sets out in II Timothy 3:16 states:

“All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine,
for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.”

The modern church wrestles with this. In II Timothy 4:3,4, Paul said this time would happen.

“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after
their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;”
“And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto

On February 15, 2015, I sat in a service where the minister spoke about science and the Bible. What he said was that on some matters we act on faith. This is not satisfactory for a believer. The first two chapters of Genesis are not poetry or some concocted story created by some person who had a vivid imagination.

The problem is that the pubic schools have doubted the Bible and it is a fabrication, thus we are now reaping a distorted story that the Bible states is true.

Your writer holds to the position it is a true record of the events from the beginning. No if’s about it.

When statements are put out that certain passages are false then attack, attack always, attack their positions when stupid remarks are stated then challenged each one. It was Jesus who spoke to Paul about this in Acts 18:9-10:

“Then spake the Lord to Paul in the night by a vision, Be not afraid, but
speak, and hold not thy peace;
“For I am with thee, and no man shall set on thee to hurt thee: for I have
much people in this city.”

As a Christian never let a slight go unchallenged. In effect this allows Satan thus sin to take the initiative.


The prophet Amos saw that people were not speaking out for God. The sin was there. The Northern Kingdom was sliding into the abyss of destruction. It was then Amos spoke out.

It was clear that the Israelites were seeking advice from godless men in other regions. The names are not familiar but the idea is present. Ask advice from the Godless. This is what Amos 6:2 lays out for me:

“Pass ye unto Calneh, and see; and from thence go ye to Hamath the great:
then go down to Gath of the Philistines: be they better than those kingdoms?
Or their border greater than your border?”

Israel has lost their sense of morality. There was no depth or right or wrong. Those who spout words of wisdom without God’s wisdom will always give wrong advice.

Here is an example of how evil has come upon us as a nation.

The Federal Reserve System WHAT'S IN YOUR WALLET was a plan pushed by the bankers of Europe who saw the United States as a huge fat money pot. It has been suggested that the Rothschild’s promoted this. The Jew bankers persuaded Woodrow Wilson to embrace it.

The dollar of 1913 is worth about 2 cents to 3 cents now. We have suffered ever since. Do not listen to the Godless.

To know economics it is suggested you read the Old Testament book Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. In Deuteronomy 5:32 these words are written:

“Ye shall observe to do therefore as the Lord your God hath commanded you:
ye shall not turn aside to the right hand or to the left.”

It was in Deuteronomy 7:2 that tells us what to do:

“And when the Lord thy God shall deliver them before thee; thou shall smite
them, and utterly destroy them; thou shall make no covenant with them, nor
shew mercy unto them:”

The United States is corrupt because it has sought after the British economic guru Maynard Keynes. He said print more money to overcome financial problems. It caused greater problems.

There have been some economic philosophers who gave another plan called the Austrian idea. This was spoused by von Mises. His was closer to Holy Scripture than Keynes.

I have read that Keynes was a homosexual.

What the United States should have done was to model our national economics after the Bible. Do I think this will happen? No! However you use it in your life anyway.


Amos became disgusted with the way these people ate. Rich food is a curse. In Amos 6:4 he was castigating the way they ate:

“That lie upon beds of ivory, and stretch themselves upon their couches,
and eat the lambs out of the flock, and the calves out of the midst of the

At Love Field, on February 15, 2015, I witnessed a fat man in a wheel chair literally stuff a huge plate of airport food in to his mouth. It was disgusting. Now the programs to try to get children to eat less and more healthy is floundering. All one has to do is go to any public place and watch the fat people go by.

Is there a correlation between cancer, lupus, Parkinsons disease, arthritis and other internal problems? Why not get on the internet and study each one?

Even our dogs and cats are fat.


These people of the Northern Kingdom consumed alcohol. Their people drank wine not from a small container but from bowls. Here is what Amos 6:6 points out:

“That drink wine in bowls, and anoint themselves with the chief ointments:
but they are not grieved for the affliction of Joseph.”

It seems also that as a nation we are people who consume alcohol like water: so many crimes are committed under the influence of alcohol. When was the last time you heard a preacher, rabbi or priest speak out against the use of alcohol? My guess you have not.

Alcohol has an effect upon us in the following ways:

• We become unreasonable
• We do not care about our actions
• We set aside a value system
• We know it damages our heart, kidneys and liver
• We know crime often is promoted by alcohol
• We know among some it is addictive, and
• We know this causes our taxes to increase

Since all of the above are true then why is there not an outspoken word against it? The answer is simple. So many people make money off its sale and use.


There were but two topics which were written about in this blog. Amos spoke to other problems. And issues.

There was a remarkable aspect of all the prophets in that they always gave a solution. Amos did the same also.

First God speaking through Amos 5:4 said:

“For this sayeth the Lord unto the house of Israel, Seek ye me, and ye shall live.”

Second the emphasis also was on that person who they knew as Jehovah. Amos 5:8 tells what he has already done:

“Seek him that maketh the seven stars and Orion, and turneth the shadow
of death into the morning, and maketh the day dark with night: that calleth
for the waters of the sea, and poureth them out upon the face of the earth:
The Lord is his name.”

Third, stop stealing from people who have little or no power. Amos 5:12 tells what was being done.

“For I know your manifold transgressions and your mighty sins: they afflict the just, they take a bribe, and they turn aside the poor in the gate from their right.”

In a beautiful set of words is Amos 5:24 this is found:

“But let judgment run down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream.”

Amos spoke to others 26 centuries ago but he – remarkably screams to us.

“You have longed for sweet peace, and for faith to increase
And have earnestly fervently prayed;
But you cannot have rest, or be perfectly blest
Until all on the altar is laid.
Who can tell all the love He will send from above,
And how happy our hearts will be made,
Of the fellowship sweet we shall share at His feet,
When all on the altar is laid?”
Gerald Fugit

February 15, 2015


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