Deity Of The Christ

Each week that passes someone will comment in the national media, or announce some absurd remark about the Bible and its claims. These fade as fast as they come. The next comment will be found in some book by and author or renown.. It will be on some best seller list to illustrate there re those who supposedly are experts on a subject that now have branched out into the criticism of the Holy Scripture.

People will grasp this as sign these experts know what thee is to be known about their subject matter.

If the author started commenting on physics and chemistry the readers would stop reading immediately. The reader should. Except for very elementary matter my knowledge would be near zero.

Yet we will hold in awe certain remarks made by ignorant learned people.

This illustrates two glaring facts. First, it is a sign of naivety to think if you are learned in one field you are the same in another. This happens many times in economics, politics, science and Christianity.

Second it magnifies how foolish we come to accept anothers opinion on the truth of the Holy Word.


When some learned professor from Harvard, Yale or Princeton declares that only

Southern evangelist red necks now embrace the tenants of Christianity it is a sign of their superiority and arrogance. Supposedly our I.Q. is just above a 25-watt light bulb/


The way you judge a theory or life is to examine what it has produced. If one uses the United States government as an example the reader might change his or her mind what has been created.

Many times the graduates of those universities go into government and hold high positions. Let me give some examples.

Hussein Obama has told one like after another. One should only check the various authorities about his birthplace, to his speeches, or to his remarks. He is a graduate of Harvard University. Did he take any classes on Christian ethics?

George H. Walker Bush liked to American people when he said the famous Read my lips. Taxes were raised. He is a graduate of Yale University. Did he take any class on Christian ethics?

Hillary Clinton at first stonewalled the affair that happened in Libya when our Ambassador was murdered. Then what about her Whitewater affair? Do you remember the Vince Foster murder? She is a graduate of Yale University. Did she take a class on Christian ethics?

Franklin D. Roosevelt saw to it the United States entered World War II against Germany and Japan. He was a graduate of Harvard University. Did he take any class on Christian ethics?

Woodrow Wilson told the American people we should not enter World War I. As soon as elected for a second term we were in the affray in Europe. He was a President of

Princeton University. I wonder if he took any classes on Christian ethics?

It would be ridiculous to name the known lies of our government leaders.

It is always the same for so long we are deceived that when the truth is spoken we call the speaker a fanatic, a lunatic, and a liar.

It is not in just government but also in science, pharmacy and law that deception is found.


Jesus Christ set the moral standard that many should seek to follow. It was recognized who the Messiah was.

First, Satan questioned his Deity. See Matthew 4:3. Christ would not be moved. See Matthew 3:17. God said who He was.

Second, people wanted to know who He was. See John 10:24. He told them. See John 10:36.

Third, the Jews yelled at Him about the Deity. See Matthew 27:40. The Centurion gave an answer. See Matthew 27:54.

Fourth, the Chief Priests posed the question who He was. See Matthew 27:42. This had all ready been answered. See John 1:16.

Fifth, the business people yelled at Him. See Luke 23:35. Peter knew. Matthew 16:16.

Sixth, the soldier wondered. See Luke 23:37. The commander Pilate gave the answer. See Luke 23:38.

Seventh, one thief made a remark to Jesus on the cross. See Luke 23:39. The other thief gave the answer. See Luke 23:4.

Christ taught the law must be followed. It cannot be twisted.


The reason men discredited who Jesus was now is to side step the judgment which would come from the common and the average person.

In this way no one can raise an issue what price will need to be paid. To your author it is not strange that under the last five lying Presidents, young men gave their bodies to be killed.

If we are to live in a time of peace there must be an adherence to Bible edicts and principles.


There should be accepted no doctrine save that of the New Testament. No church doctrine has any answer. The Holy Scripture instructs us how we are to respond to the worlds plan. Remember the world only offers a plan of destruction now and in the future.

There is a code of conduct for us grounded in Gods Word. Look over the following;

1. Read a chapter a day from the four gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

This will give you an insight into principles of Jesus.

2. Visit several churches and listen to what is said and its conduct.

3. Go to the minister and ask him or her is that church seeking to restore the New Testament church as set out from Romans to Jude.

4. Do not accept talk over what the Holy Bible says. Read it for yourself.

5. Openly or privately discuss what you knew of Christianity with people like you.

In life we stand condemned if Christ is not accepted. The purpose of this blog is to have people reaffirm their belief in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus from the grave.

There will be people who will read this who I will never meet or know but this is true Christs word will not be void.

Not the labor of my hands

Can fulfill thy laws demands;

Could my zeal no respite know,

Could my tears forever flow,

All my sin could not atone;

Thou must save and thou alone.


Paul Tertius (Gerald Fugit)

Blog address: www.belief@diggingoldwells

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