Few Words Equal Acts

“But it came to pass within a while after, in the time
of wheat harvest, that Samson visited his wife with
a kid; and he said, I will go in to my wife into the
chamber. But her father would not suffer him to go in.” Judges 15:1.

There is a pattern which always proceeds some act whether it be good or bad. This is fundamental to all physical behaviors and there is no exception to the rule.

In this blog in various forms it had been discussed but in our text today there is no exception.

The world does not accept this rule because we see it reenacted again when a person will have a thought and then speak the idea. Often we will be surprised that often a violent action comes about.

One need only to observe how people are surprised when acts are brought about by poor communication by one of the participants. There should never be a surprise to any remarks. In the book of Proverbs 2:9-12, Solomon wrote some extremely wise remarks.:

“Then shalt thou understand righteousness, and
judgment, and equity; yea, every good path.
When wisdom entereth into thine heart, and
knowledge is pleasant unto thine soul;
Discretion shall preserve thee, understanding shall
keep thee:
To deliver thee from the way of the evil man, from
the man that speaketh forward things.”

The short version of this saying is this: “Be careful what is said, it will finally have a result.”

Often the conclusion is not what we want to take place. Yet it was brought on by a thought and a word which should never have been uttered. Here is a very simple example what can happen in a culture such as we are now living.

The churches both Protestant and Roman Catholic did not speak out in a strong voice against fornication and adultery in any society. Look and see the result of silence.

• Children are being formed out of wedlock in vast numbers in all the races – Blacks, Anglos, and Hispanics.
• They’re named welfare babies because the government becomes the child’s father,
• Instead of being work-orientated, they have a “give me” attitude,
• The crime rate has been driven up,
• Discipline among children is difficult to maintain, and
• Children have an attention deficit disorders  and other odd diseases.

You may be surprised at the list above. You should not be too surprised, because here is the rule: lust in the mind, seductive words are spoken and then the sexual act. The result is a child without a mother or father in their life. Now look at the list set out above – then see if the list makes sense.

The leaders of every community haven’t spokeen forcefully enough. This type of attitude took place before WWII – but the sexual aspect rose very quickly after WWII and the Korean War. Remember this: thought, word action, and deed with a result.

Another example is the Law. American people love and embrace debt. All one needs to do is go to the grocery store and watch people put their plastic card through the slot for a payment. That’s how they obtain their food and drinks. They obtain some item which isn’t needed, then put it in the basket cart and finally pay for it with a credit card. It is no wonder people have so many internal diseases because the Bible say’s in Romans 13:8, these word:.

“Owe no man anything, but to love one another:
for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law.”

The interest charged by these debt card companies is enormous. The church has nothing to say about debt simply because so many cannot make ends meet. The buildings, projects, salaries, pensions, and the organization must be funded. A person should pay by cash.

Will debt by people come to an end? No! it will not.

In 1959 or 1960, I was appointed County Judge of Ector County, Texas. At the time, the budget for Ector County, Texas was controlled by the Commissioner’s Court. The County was deep in debt.  I called in the three largest tax payers for the County. They were Phillips Petroleum, Gulf Oil and Texaco. When I announced that there would be no more debt – the next year our budget went into the black.

The point is debt – can be eliminated. First comes the thought. Second comes the word. Third, then the act. Fourth, the net result.


words-become-characterThe Bible tells the story about a man of great energy, (Samson), whose entire life was a bloodbath. This happened several thousands of years ago. What it does is to illustrate the rule: thought, word, act and result. In Judges 15:1, it commences this way.

“But it came to pass within a while after, in the time
of wheat harvest, that Samson visited his wife with
a kid; and he said, I will go in to my wife into the
chamber. But her father would not suffer him to
go in.”

When Samson went to his wife the father in law objected in strong terms. Samson was not in Israel but among a foreign people.

The wife’s father sets up the rule how the subject of their lesson works. Notice the pattern in Judges 15:2.

“And her father said, I verify thought that thou hadst
utterly hated her; therefore I gave her to thy
companion: is not her younger sister fairer than she?
Take her, I pray thee, instead of her.”

He attempted to trade off of two sisters. Samson set his foot down and said – no way would he accept the trade.

There was an attempt to do harm to the Philistines. There was an attempt to destroy part of the food supply of these infidels. Strange yes, but very resourceful. The Hebrews’ word for foxes could mean any number of small animals. The translators used the word foxes. Then he put a torch or fire box between each two and turned them loose in the wheat field. This destroyed the grain field. Judges 15:4-5, gives the event:

“And Samson went and caught three hundred foxes,
and took firebrands, and turned tail to tail, and put
a firebrand in the midst between two tails.
And when he had set the brands on fire, he let them
go into the standing corn of the Philistines, and burnt
up both the shocks, and also the standing corn, with
the vineyards and olives.”

The result was met with disaster for the former wife of Samson’s family! Vengeance was a dominate force against these Philistines. Here is what they did as told in Judges 15:6.

“Then the Philistines said, who hath done this?
And they answered, Samson, the son in law of
the Tim’nite, because he had taken his wife, and
given her to his companion. And the Philistines
came up, and burnt her and her father with fire.”

Samson slew many of these heathen in a fit of anger. They deserved what happened to them. Judges 15:7-8, gives the act that brought justice.

“And Samson said unto them, Though ye have done
this, yet will I be avenged of you, and after that I
will cease.
And he smote them hip and thigh with a great
slaughter: and he went down and dwelt in the top
of the rock E’tam.”

The Philistines gathered a small army to capture and probably kill Samson. When they asked Samson, he explained why he killed the group of Philistines. Judges 15:11, tells why it happened.

“Then three thousand men of Judah went to the top
of the rock E’tam, and said to Samson, knowest thou
not that the Philistines are rulers over us? What is
this that thou hast done unto us? And he said
unto them, as they did unto me, so have I done
unto them.”

Samson was bound and taken by the Philistines. They were probably going to kill him. The unexpected happened, when the spirit of the Lord intervened. Judges 15:14-15, gives us what was used to slay the godless Philistines.

“And when he came unto Le’hi the Philistines shouted
against him: and the Spirit of the Lord came mightily
upon him, and the cords that were upon his arms
became as flax that was burnt with fire, and his bands
loosed from off his hands.
And he found a new jawbone of an ass, and put forth
his hand, and took it, and slew a thousand men

It is difficult for us to conceive one man killing three thousand (3,000) in a battle which was fought in hand-to-hand combat.

Some would say that this merely a myth or a fable. This was a fact for the Bible tells us this colorful event.

When Samson drank water, the spirit was revived in him again. In a brief detail we see that God’s Spirit came again as we read in Judges 15:19.

“But God clave an hollow place that was in the jaw,
and there came water thereout; and when he had
drunk, his spirit came again, and he revived:
wherefore he called the name thereof En-hak’ko-re,
which is in Le’hi unto this day.”


A friend of mine told me a few days ago that the modern Protestant and Roman Catholic believe in the Triune – Father, Son and the Bible. The Bible itself says that triune is the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. When the spirit is brought up normally, it is set aside because few people have studied the Holy Spirit.

What actually has taken place is that we have given over the Spirit to the Pentecostal and fringe groups to discuss what it does. The Methodist, Presbyterians and other main line groups do not teach this doctrine.

In Scripture, when there is an event where the Holy Ghost is active – there is a sudden burst of power and energy.

Acts 2:4, tells us this:

“And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and
began to speak with other tongues as the spirit
gave them utterance.”

Peter in Acts 2:17, said this is what Joel 2:28 was foretelling.

“And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God,
I will pour out of my spirit upon all flesh: and your
sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your
young men shall see visions, and your old men shall
dream dreams.”

Could this be a part of tongue-speaking? Normally we have cast aside any such activity among Christians as crazies, fundamentalist and nut cases. Seemingly the Holy Spirit does not affect all of us in the same way. In Samson, great strength was given to him so that he was a great warrior. My comment to fellow Christians is be very careful how you condemn what obviously the Spirit does with various people. We are not the same.

Among some Christians such as myself, we believe that we act to bring in the spirit.

This is the reason we seek to restore the early church as it was in the beginning of the Christian era. Samson was accepted because he was a believer.


There are some very basic rules for us as Christians.

First, the thought process must be under subjection, because words will be spoken as a result.

Second, when the words are reduced to sound it is important that control is necessary.

Third, no matter what was spoken – action will come about.

Fourth, you should never be surprised what happens after the word is out. One must acknowledge the end result may or may not be what you expected.




“See, the foe is nigh;
Raise the standard high for the Lord;
Gird your armor on,
Stand firm, every one;
Rest your cause upon His holy Word.

Rouse, then, soldiers, rally round the banner,
Ready, steady, pass the word along;
Onward, forward, shout aloud, Hosanna!
Christ is Captain of the mighty throng.

Strong to meet the foe,
Marching on we go,
While our cause we know, must prevail;
Shield and banner bright,
Gleaming in the light;
Battling for the right we ne’er can fail.

O! Thou God of all,
Hear us when we call,
Help us one and all by Thy grace;
When the battle’s done,
And the vict’ry’s won,
May we wear the crown before Thy face.”



October 16, 2016

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