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Fraud And Abuse

“He hath said in his heart, I shall
Not be moved: for I shall never be in
His mouth is full of cursing and
Deceit and fraud: under his tongue is
Mischief and vanity.
He sitteth in the lurking places
Of the villages: in the secret places
Doth he murder the innocent: his
Eyes are privily set against the poor.”
Psalm 10:6, 7, 8.

There are people who watch what happens in a particular culture. Our nation is no different. It is very obvious that the Western World has and is going through a deep change.

You can observe this fact as you look and hear the sounds of this event. In some situations, the transformation is more pleasant however the mutation can be moral changing.

While I was in my teens, one chore that I had was to see that the coal boxes were full for the night in our home.  No one needs to do that anymore. We have air conditioning units and furnaces to keep us warm. This is a huge change from today’s society.

Now, there is tremendous movement away from a moral outlook. Every person over the age of 50 of 60 could give their own version of the change.

All empires go through a dynamic event that illustrates a physical, and spiritual altering. It has been suggested that there have been 22 empires which have come and gone. Each has gone through a pattern of deterioration. We, as a nation, are no different. Morals are seldom discussed.

When money and wealth settle in then fraud and the abuse of property arrives. The United States is no different than any of the other 22 empires.


Fraud and abuse are a way of life for us. Let me name some targets:

  • Churches and religious groups,
  • Social service agencies,
  • Administration of Federal grants,
  • Foundation for the less fortunate,
  • Think Tanks, and
  • Disaster Relief Organizations.


You will notice that the above list does not mention business in general.


Yes, the statistic is not new – but I suspect the figures are just as bad now as when the book was written. The name was “The Day America Told the Truth”,  by Patterson and Kim.  1,000 people responded and admitted that 91% routinely lied about trivial matter. Then 35% lied about important matters. There are always excuses for lying. Look at these reasons given.

  • Undercompensated,
  • Unappreciated,
  • Not treated fairly, and
  • So much work and no pay for me.

When an individual fails any of the above then they quit and move to another job. On one occasion, my bookkeeper stole money from me personally. She said that reason she did this was she did not like the way I treated another employee. Figure that out! It was not even her.

Actually, the United States government helps to perpetuate the crime of fraud.

Let me give an example. In Colorado and a few other states, “pot” is sold openly. Most states have restricted in the sale of drugs. Have I misread the United States Constitution?  The same laws should apply equally to all the states. Here are some statistics:

  • 18 U.S. Code 1341 – Mail fraud
  • 18 U.S. Code 2314 – Interstate transportation of money
  • 18 U.S. Code 1343 – Wire fraud
  • 18 U.S. Code 1001 – False statements.

We have enough laws to clean up the rotted mess in our culture. Actually, our laws have two tiers.  They enforce the laws for the “Little people”.  But, a certain special group get to do whatever they want in society:

  • Comely
  • Bill Clinton
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Barrack Obama
  • Those who worked for these wads of scum.

Lawyers in our society bring upon us a series of real problems. But it was the remark of Jesus in Luke 11:46, that should disturb this profession.

“And he said, Woe unto you
Also, ye lawyers! For ye lade men
With burdens, grievous to be borne,
And ye yourselves touch not the
Burdens with one of your fingers.”

The Federal Law is over 165,000 pages and 27 or 28 feet long. The 20th chapter of Exodus is short and to the point. The Ten Commandments only have about 500 English words in them. The Federal Laws have actually sped up the desire of people to commit crime.

It antagonizes people when we pile laws upon laws!


There is no way for anyone to know all of the fraud and abuse that is daily performed by people. This is only on the tax code. Man cannot write enough laws to cover what is known.

The Bible tells us to be honest with God and ourselves. Solomon knew what sin could bring. One should read Proverbs 4:18,1.

“But the path of the just is as the
Shining light, that shineth more and
More unto the perfect day.
The way of the wicked is as
Darkness: they know not at what
They stumble.” 

Help Business Owners With Their Money



Politics has been a nasty dirty filthy rotten way of life in the past and what is occurring now is just a substitution of the way the affairs of men are conducted. It always has been and it is suspected always will be.

Gideon who saved Israel from the nation of Midian had a son who was a murderer. Judges 9:5, tells us what he did to his own brothers. This could be examples of other situations in the Old Testament.

“And he went unto his father’s
House at Oph’rah, and slew his
Brethren the sons of Je-rub’ba-al,
Being threescore and ten persons,
Upon one stone: notwithstanding yet
Jo’tham the youngest son of
Je-rub’ba-al was left; for he hid himself.”

The desire for power and wealth is dominant in our political system.  Those in the law-making area are among the worse of personnel.


On the internet there was a story about Hillary Clinton becoming a Methodist minister or worker.  I cannot get my head around that one!

Has she repented of her involvement in the Benghazi affair? Personally, it seems that this woman is so deep in sin that it would be hard for her to repent. We hope she does.

The Government often attracts the lowest of the low.


From a legal view point there are certain elements which must be present if fraud is to exist. First some promise is to be made to a recipient. Second the recipient believes the remark. This, the person who made the remark does not intend to carry the promise out. Then finally there was damage to the recipient. It seems there is always the attempt to conceal the lie.

It was Jesus who condemned people he knew were frauds you then can understand why the Son of God was so cutting with his remarks. Luke 11:39, quotes the master.

“And the Lord said unto him,
No do ye Pharisees make clean the
Outside of the cup of the platter;
But your inward part is full of ravening
And wickedness.”

These men were frauds. They appeared one way but actually were rotten on the inside. Condemning Pharisees was a common topic of Jesus. On Matthew 23:24-26, the Christ set it out very plainly.

“Ye blind guides, which strain at
A gnat, and swallow a camel.
Woe unto you, scribes and
Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye make
Clean the outside of the cup and of
The platter, but within they are full
Of extortion and excess.
Thou blind Pharisee, cleanse
First that which is within the cup
And platter, that the outside of them
May be clean also.”

When the Nazarene discussed certain people he would bring up certain groups.

  1. Lawyers
  2. Scribes
  3. Pharisees
  4. Rich people

Seldom are favorable words spoken about them. If you are not familiar with the volume called, “The New Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible” –  then, you should be.

This book lists every word in the Bible and tells the reader where to find it. This is a great resource for people who are interested. James 5:4, uses the word fraud of those who cheat. You can find this in Strong’s Concordance:

“Behold the hire of the labourers
Who have reaped down your fields,
Crieth: and the cries of them which
Have reaped are entered into the
Ears of the Lord of Sab’a-oth.”

The real issue here is  –  What do I need to do for my own protection?



The physical aspect must be examined first. There is a way to prevent fraud from happening to your assets. The rule is divide the work so that no person controls every movement of the assets. There should be financial controls. Look at the following: 

  • One person should record the revenue,
  • One person should collect the payments,
  • One person should take the payments to the bank, and
  • One person should record statements.


An owner should always look for abuse and fraud. When an employee gravitates to stealing items – then beware. Such as jewelry, boats, cars, houses, vacations, Las Vegas and other expensive entertainment.

Beware! Thieves steal to spend. Not to save!

These are only my suggestions. The  key to prevention is to stop, look, listen and suspect.  This sounds negative in concept – but realize always, you are dealing with people who will steal and lie.

The next area is the spiritual aspect of life. There is so much fraud and abuse in the spiritual venue, that books and books and books could be written about this, here are some.

  • 501’s (c) (3) to watch carefully,
  • Fund raising for children,
  • Church building programs,
  • Support for feeding the homeless, and
  • Foreign missions.

Should you give to the work of God?  Yes! Yes! Yes!


However,  before you support anything that requires money  –  investigate. This can be done through several services and documents.


  • Interviews with a person(s)
  • Open records – state,
  • Freedom of Information Act– federal, and
  • Ask for information.

There will be times when you and I will be fooled, but this will cut down on the fraud.

People do not ask enough questions.
Has it been explained to you why some Churches sprinkle and others immerse?Why are some Churches Evangelistic and others are not?
Why some Churches  teach to only  believe in Jesus?

There are many issues which should be explored. Do not let another steal your soul. Fraud and abuse are a way of life in our culture. Remember: money and power are the keys.


  1. Beware of your surroundings,
  2. One person should not do all,
  3. Study to prevent, and
  4. Ask God for help.





“Down at the cross where my savior, he died.
Down where for cleansing from sin, I cried.
There to my heart was the blood applied.
Glory to his name.

(Glory to his name! Glory to his name, yeah.)

I am so wondrously saved from sin,
Jesus so sweetly abides within,
There at the cross where he took me in;
Glory to his name! Oh, yeah.

Glory to his name,
Glory to his name.
There to my heart was the blood applied;
Glory to his name!

(Glory to his name!)

Come to this fountain so rich and sweet.
Cast your poor soul at thy Savior’s feet.
Plunge in today and be made complete.

Glory to his name!

Glory to his name,
Glory to his name!
There to my heart was the blood applied.

(There was the blood applied.)

Glory to his name.
Oh, there to my heart was the blood applied.

(There was the blood applied.)
Glory to his name!”


August 13, 2017







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