“For the law having a shadow of good things to come,
and not the very image of the things, can never with
those sacrifices which they offered year by year
continually make the comers thereunto perfect.”                                     Hebrews 10:1


Most people do not try to understand what the past tells us about the here and now. The same is true what the earlier events instruct each one of us how to interpret today’s types.
When we hear politicians seek an election then it is a comment about tomorrow. They refuse to go into detail as to specific past times. Often these people have brought about the failures of today.

God used types of property and circumstances to tell us what can happen. The writers of the New Testament did this also. Types were to illustrate different situations. Some of the illustrations were about the sanctuary of Noah and his family being saved in the ark when the flood came.

The issue is seldom brought up because people do not understand history. As a point to this in school the students were not instructed how to read history and then to apply this to their daily life. This is the fault of the parents who do not know themselves and the schools also are unable to make this out. It is the blind leading the blind.

What is set out in the first verses of Hebrews 10:1-8 is that the use of the items were to teach us that something else was to come later then would give us a better life in the future.

There was a command and a custom that a sacrifice was offered. Then it was accomplished by goats, sheep, oxen and small animals. The offering had as a cost the death of the animal . There was no resurrection of the animals.

We cannot see very far into the future so the result was unknown. Now as we look back the path becomes clear. This gave to us what would happen to Christ. He would be killed. He was kept suppressed in death but arose the third day. The sacrifice was complete.


It is a fundamental concept that sin is in the world. God has told us in scripture that the breaking of God’s law is called sin. This is a subject we do not care to say yes there is sin. To define sin is to not follow His rules and commandments. The best definition is to state we have missed the mark.

The fact is humans will dodge the issue of sinning in several ways. Here are the five steps of sinners to avoid a discussion of such. The following is the pattern:

First – it does not exist or,
Second – if it does – it’s someone else’s problem or,
Third –  My sin is so small or,
Fourth – it is none of your business or,
Fifth – it will be discussed later.

Look around and tell me if there is a need for salvation. If a person states sin does not exist then there is no moral law. We have no need for justice and punishment. No one would enjoy living in a lawless society.

Since sin does exist then there must be righting of sin.

God gave us a means of removing sin so we do not carry the burden of sin. We need relief.

In the time of Moses God said the High Priest will push forward the sin of people and of himself for a year. Sin was always present. It never went away. It exists today.

The burnt offerings were to show these Jews that the sin existed. In several places in the Old Testament God said He had no pleasure in these sacrifices.{1 }  The purpose of the law was to show a need for justice and the law.

These animal sacrifices did not remove sin nor did the sacrifices make people more Godly. It was shown by David the Leviticus law should be repealed. The time came before the lives of Isaiah, Jeremiah and the minor prophets.{2}

When choices are made then be prepared for the results that come. The man who sits in the Oval Office has brought disruption on the office and this nation.

At the time he was declared the winner the media had done no search on his background.

Here are some basic questions:

• Was he born in the United States?
• Was he an associate of Bill Ayers?
• Was he an associate of Rev. Wright?
• Was he homosexual?
• Was he a follower of Alinsky?
• Was he truthful?
• Was he a productive Senator from Illinois?

The church never came forth and said look who this man is from the standpoint of morals. When is it this man goes to church? People got what was deserved from the elections.


In North Africa there is a country named Algeria. In the City of Algiers in 1956 a group sprang up whose acronym was FLN. For awhile the Muslims seemed to be winning.
Then a man by the name of Roger Tranquier had authority to act.

Various methods were used by Tranquier to stop this foolish notion of “Let’s be nice”.   He had fought in Southeast Asia. He handled the situation so well in Algiers that by 1957  – the FLN was in ruins.{3}

His method was brutal but effective.

DeGaulle bowed to international pressure and called off Tranquier. This is the reason several attempts were made on the life of DeGaulle.

The U. S. Army adopted some of the methods of Tranquier but never acknowledged the name of the source.

The point is if it is working – leave it alone. Change it – only if it fails.

The Jews paid no attention to the laws of God, thus the Father gave us Grace at the time of Christ.


When there is a need our Father gives help.

One verse states that God has supplied a book that supports what could be given. The instruction appears to be from the five volumes of Moses; Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Evidently these Jews were not familiar with these volumes.

What had been suggested is the method for the Jews was rejected. Their hearts were not changed.

Now there has been a schedule for a new way. The hearts and minds of his followers have to change. Since Christ now has made the perfect sacrifice. There is no more remembering of sin.

Several things have happened. Christ has gone to that special place, the Holy of Holies. The reason is that His blood has been sacrificed and we can approach God with assurance that our sin is gone forever.

All of this has been given for us. In fact God no longer remembers our transgressions but we must act.

This act of keeping the faith is not to be taken lightly. It is to consume us. This is not a part time event. The writer sets out actions for we Christians. In our world today the gospel are given so much.

Certain prerequisites are set out. We are never to be slothful believers. This idea that a person can go haphazardly is not true. This is the attitude of most Christians. On any given Sunday there is never over 20% of the membership in attendance. It is an act of loyalty on your part to come at set times.

Then if we do slip away it seems to say that our sin cannot be purged. It sounds reasonable that come the acceptance of Christ and then denying Him is a sign of non-belief. Christ does not want this. It puts you into a class of a traitor. This is a strong condemnation.

There was a group of people who disliked Moses. God had no mercy upon them.  They were destroyed.

When we attend the gathering of the saints there are three things that are obvious:

First –  this act will influence the young to be strong believers.
Second – our being present also makes stronger Christians.
Third – the world knows we are serious about our convictions.

My friend, God despises those who are lukewarm Christians. You should crawl on your belly each Sunday to go to the house of worship.


From the very beginning there were people who confessed Christ and broke away. It was a plague upon the body of Christ. We are not immune from this 21 centuries later. Based upon my observation this is a huge disease upon us.

What this will do is to put things in government which will enact laws that ridicule and deny Christianity. Has this happened at the United States Supreme Court? My prediction is it will get worse.

The early church tried to overcome this by a separation of power. Some were teachers, elders, deacons, missionaries and ministers who prepared meals. In a century the church was a force to be recognized.against the world and Rome


There will be people who will comment that they wish such and such evil was not so prevalent. Then some Christians will say if only God would allow Christ to return. You had better think that through. At this time God is gracious.

When He returns, there will be no more choice. You will either be a Christian or not. God called for the renunciation of sin. All but eight people were lost in the water flood. When you do not follow the New Testament you will not be saved.

“What can wash away my sin? Nothing but the blood of Jesus;
What can make me whole again? Nothing but the blood of Jesus,
For my pardon this I see – Nothing but the blood of Jesus;
For my cleansing, this my plea – Nothing but the blood of Jesus.”


1. Amos 5:22-23
2. Psalm 11:6,7
3. Master of War! Historys Greatest Strategist Tranquier by Arthur Wilson,
Pages 140-143


Gerald Fugit
July 27, 2014

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