The First Thanksgiving

How Thanksgiving Got Started

Bless the Lord, O my soul: and all
That is within me, bless his holy
Bless the Lord, O my soul, and
Forget not all his benefits:
Who forgiveth all thine iniquities;
Who healeth all thy disease.”
Psalm 103:1-3.

There are several gifts that the Pilgrims gave to this nation. In this short blog, justice cannot be done to what these religious people bestowed upon us. Books and pamphlets have been written for us. This brief narrative will mention some of the salient parts that are mentioned by many writers and historians.

We have just gone through what people seem to think Thanksgiving was like. Yet, once the true history is read about these God-fearing people – your attitude will change to respect and awe.

One area we should know is that these people did not wear was black and white clothes and those funny-looking hats that are shown in pictures of the pilgrims. A different group wore the black and white clothes.


The first Thanksgiving Day was very brief . It was not a big spread for gluttons to eat at.


After the first harvest, these Christians set a period to praise, to glorify, and to give thanks to the Lord God for seeing to his people in their time of need.

Remember this fact: the King of England had instructed that these people were to go to what is nowVirginia. Because of navigation problems, their ship, the Mayflower did not arrive in Virginia but arrived at what today is Massachusetts. The place is called Plymouth.

What should be recalled about the Pilgrims today is that they kept the faith. One fact should be recalled is that not all the people on board the Mayflower ship were Christians. Here is a list of the types of people on the ship:

  • Soldiers,
  • Sailors,
  • Adventuresome-Types
  • The Pilgrims. 

    All did not go well on the voyage from England to the New World. The journey took 62 days on the Atlantic Ocean. Nowadays, the trip from airport to airport is less than 6 hours.

We know the number of people who were on this maiden voyage. There were about 102 passengers and approximately 30 crew members. (The Mayflower passengers consisted of 50 men, 19 women – 3 of whom were pregnant, 14 young adults, and 19 children, a total of 102 people. One baby was born during the voyage.)

A business arrangement had been struck with a merchant man. The Pilgrims wanted to have freedom of worship. But the man who arranged the ship was only interested in trade – not religion. In short, his goal was money! God uses money in ways we do not.

The motivation of people is often hidden from human sight. We fail to see what people are really doing. If I were to ask you what President was the biggest crook in the White House. Richard Nixon’s name would come up. He was a piker compared to Franklin D. Roosevelt. Look at these facts:

  • He lied to get us into WWII,
  • He tried to do away with certain Constitutional rules,
  • He was a whore monger,
  • He favored the K.K.K.,
  • He courted Tommy Hall in New York,
  • He courted Crump in Memphis,
  • He courted Pendergrass in Kansas City,
  • He surrounded himself with known socialists & communists,
  • Was responsible for the Death of young men in WWII.
  • He courted Hague in Jersey City.


The Big City Bosses stole money and committed voter fraud, It would appear the same type of action is happening now.


The First ThanksgivingMAYFLOWER COMPACT

In the history of the founding of the United States, there have been several written documents which set the stage for this nation. The Pilgrims gave us a written paragraph that has influenced us even today.

These men and women came to the Atlantic Ocean shore for the purpose to worship God in a different way than was permitted in Europe. They called themselves, “Saints”. The European continent had gone through religious wars and the Protestant Reformation was in a power struggle against the Roman Catholic Church.


The constant struggle among these people and others drove the Pilgrims to seek another place to live and worship Jehovah.


What these brave men did was to fix their signatures and promise to resolve any conflict by following the law. This was called the Mayflower Compact. The Mayflower Compact was not a Constitution, but rather an adaptation of a Puritan Church Covenant to a civil situation.

Rough seas and storms prevented the Mayflower from reaching its intended destination in the area of the Hudson River. So, the ship was steered toward Cape Cod instead. Because of the change of course, the passengers were no longer within the jurisdiction of the Charter granted to them in England by the Virginia Company.

Within this legally uncertain situation, friction arose between the English Separatists (the Pilgrims) and the rest of the travelers, with some of the latter threatening to leave the group and settle on their own.

To quell the conflict and to preserve unity, Pilgrim leaders (among them William Bradford and William Brewster); drafted the Mayflower Compact before going ashore. The brief document (about 200 words), bound its signers into a body politic for the purpose of forming a government and pledged them to abide by any laws and regulations that would later be established “For the general good of The Colony.”


With its fundamental principles of self-government and common consent, the Compact has been interpreted as an important step in the evolution of a democratic government in America.


The following is the paragraph which is part of the foundations for this Constitutional Republic. As you read this paragraph, ponder what had been written. These people only wanted peace for the rest of their lives.

“In ye name of God, Amen, WE, whose names are
underwritten, the loyall subjects of our dead soveraigne
Lord, King James, by ye grace of God, of
Great Briatine, France & Ireland, King defender of
ye faith, etc., having undertaken for ye glorie of God,
of our King and countrie, a voyage to plant ye first
colonie in ye northerne parts of Virginia, doe by these
presents, solemnly and mutually in the presence of
God and of one another, covenant and combine ourselves
together into a civile body politick for our better
ordering and preservation and furtherance of ye
ends aforesaid; and by virtue hereof to enacte, constitute,
and frame such just and equal lawes, ordinances,
acts, constitution and offices, from time to
time, as shall be tought most meate and convenient
for ye general good of ye colonie, unto which we
promise all due submission and obedience.”

This small group of people knew they had a place in history like no other people. They were followers of Jesus Christ and the One Lord God.

One significant fact was that these Christians kept excellent records and that’s why we know what they went through.

There is attached to this blog a list of the signers of this magnificent paper. However, as you read it notice that of forty two (42) who signed it that twenty two (22) were dead within a year. The harsh Winter of 1620-1621 was brutal!

There is a book that has been printed years ago which has a history of these people. The name is Mourt’s Relation: A Journal of the Pilgrims of Plymouth. Yes, people are busy today with many activities and of going, going, and more going. This volume can be obtained from several places one of which is the Plymouth Rock Foundation, Marlboro, New Hampshire, 03455.

In the public-school system, I have never heard any discussion of the Mayflower Compact. The Supreme Court has ruled against we Christians in many respects, since that time.


It is generally the liberals who would not now be in support of any chapter about the Pilgrims and the Mayflower Compact.



In our day, this holiday has become so secular that except for the hats children wear in Church Plays – we know very little as to how Thanksgiving commenced. It was not concocted by some merchant who wanted to sell turkey meat. In fact, I have never read any remark that turkey was eaten by the Pilgrims. Surprise! This is not to say they did or did not eat turkey. My guess that they probably ate duck.

These believers in God wanted to remember that Jehovah had seen to it that they had survived.


Evidently David had set out these words in Psalm 103:14-15.

“For he knoweth our frame; he
Remembereth that we are dust.
As for man, his days are as
Grass: as a flower on the field, so he

The winter of 1620-1621, brought death, misery, and great sickness. Yet, they still had a celebration when the Indians came and ate with the sparse survivors. It was a time of joy, gladness, and thanksgiving. These people had lived through the worst conditions.

The time of remembering God’s help was not done except when George Washington proclaimed a time of gratitude. Abraham Lincoln did the same thing.

Now it is a merchant’s dream to sell just before Christmas. That evil progressive muslim-leaning socialist Obama never brought to attention what God has done for the United States. His theme was to belittle the blessing bestowed upon us. There might be a special place in hell for him.



Advancement in life on this earth arises because someone feels a need. The spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ springs up – when a need is felt. We must feel that we need food and shelter and clothes to survive. There must also be found a deep-felt need to worship God. The Pilgrims possessed it.


Need is far different than a desire or even a want.


It was Jesus who told us there must be developed in each of us a need to worship God. Our heavenly Father knows our needs. Jesus said this in Matthew 6:8.

“Be not ye therefore like unto
Them: for your Father knoweth
What things ye have need of, before
Ye ask him.”

Our needs are not more of the following on Thanksgiving Day:

  • Abundance of food,
  • Just watching football,
  • Sleeping after gorging on the meal, and
  • Not giving thanks to His Almighty.


The need of the Church is to evangelize. Yet the Church has not taught the methods on how to evangelize. The reasons are obvious. Here are some:

  • Ministers are not trained to win over people’s hearts to Jesus Christ,
  • Hell is not mentioned in the Churches,
  • Seminars are not practical for Church growth,
  • They think that the buildings are what save people, and
  • Keep your Christianity to yourself.


People have observed that the Body of Christ is growing in Africa, Asia and South America. Yet – it is shrinking in the more prosperous places of the world.


In Canada, Europe and the United States, the major denominations have less and less people join every year. Since the liberals and socialists’ have captured the pocketbooks of these groups – the death spiral has become obvious.

We must listen to the final words of the Master: in Matthew, these words are in 28:19-20.

“Go ye therefore, and teach all
nations, baptizing them in the name
of the Father, and the Son, and of
The Holy Ghost.
Teaching them to observe all
Things whatsoever I have commanded
you and, lo, I am with you
always, even unto the end of the
world. Amen.”


In Mark 16:15-16, these words are found:

“And he said unto them, go ye
Into all the world and preach the
Gospel to every creature.
He that believeth and is baptized
Shall be saved; but he that believeth
Not shall be damned.”


In Luke 24:46-47, these words are found.

“And said unto them, thus it is
Written, and thus it behoved Christ
To suffer, and to rise from the dead
The third day:
And that repentance and remission
Of sins should be preached in
His name among all nations,
Beginning at Jerusalem.”



  1. Always thank God.
  2. Don’t be a glutton at Thanksgiving.
  3. Act on the need to Worship within us.
  4. Evangelize.

May God Save Our Republic.





I need Jesus, my need I now confess;
No friend like Him in times of deep distress;
I need Jesus, the need I gladly own;
Tho’ some may bear their load alone,
Yet I need Jesus.


I need Jesus, I need Jesus,
I need Jesus every day;
Need Him in the sunshine hour,
Need Him when the stormclouds low’r;
Every day along my way,
Yes, I need Jesus.

I need Jesus, I need a friend like Him,
A friend to guide when paths of life are dim;
I need Jesus, when foes my soul assail;
Alone I know I can but fail,
So I need Jesus.


I need Jesus, I need Him to the end;
No one like Him, He is the sinner’s Friend;
I need Jesus, no other friend will do;
So constant, kind, so strong and true,
Yes, I need Jesus.”




Gerald K. Fugit

November 26, 2017

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