Ignorance of the Future

“Him therefore, I hope to send
Presently, so soon as I shall see how
It will go with me.”
Philippians 2:23.

A war that the world had never been seen before started in 1939, when Hitler thought he saw an advantage to rid the world of Communism. Yes, it is true he attacked Western Europe first. The German forces quickly destroyed most of the armies of France, England, and the low lands.

The next movement was for this dictator to turn to the East and assault the Soviet Union. When we are victorious for a short time we then begin to think of ourselves as invincible. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Japan an ally of Germany had this mental state of superiority. On December 7,1941 Admiral Yamamoto, struck the battleships anchored in Pearl Harbor, and seven were sunk. This was a huge disastrous blow to the United States Navy – as well as the moral of the American people.

On January 4, 1942, at a meeting in the White House, they decided to retaliate.  When this plan was conceived it took time to build the course, which we call the Tokyo Raid. It was carried out off the deck of the two aircraft carriers. The U.S.S.Hornet and U.S.S. Enterprise on April 18, 1942, thirteen B-25 bombers struck Tokyo.

This gave an uplift to the war effort. Sixty-four fliers made it to China where later they made it back to the United States. There was help given by the Chinese to the crews of several planes. The Japanese went on a killing rage. Brigadier General Claire L. Chennault estimated that 250,000 Chinese paid with lives in the next three months as retaliation.

However, it would be another two years before a bomb would wreak havoc on Japan. In a series of island hoping the United States military forces leaped-frogged to the Japanese islands.

Then a type of weapon was dropped upon two cities in 1945- Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In seconds thousands were burned alive. In the mind of this blog writer this was a necessity to preserve the liberty of the United States. I had one former marine who told me his unit took no prisoners. The Japanese were immediately shot.

One victory does not give an assurance that what follows will be successful.  This is true not only in the military b -ut in business, law practice, or any medical treatment.

One should look at the life of Paul the Apostle. In some cities, he was able to preach solution. In Athens, Paul failed. In Corinth, he had success. This was the same pattern – in some cities he was accepted; while in others, there was resistance from the beginning until the time he left. Discouragement must have been a burdensome event in his life.



Each and every day should be and is new. No one can ever tell what will happen when the next hour will come to pass. We all have known situations where a person had a stroke or a blood clot burst loose and it caused injurious damage. I recently was with a man who told me how his eyes were not focused and his speech was gone. He had a sudden stroke. This happened very quickly.

An encounter with Jesus had the same impact. See the story of Zacchaeus in Luke 19:4,5.

“And he ran before, and climbed Up into a sycamore tree to see him:For he was to pass that way.And when Jesus came to the Place, he looked up, and saw him,And said unto him, Zac-chae’us,Make haste, and come down; for todayI must abide at thy house.”

Our family and friends have sudden events that transform their lives. We could have situations when suddenly a car collision causes damage. They could not have seen the future. We overlook how often a drunk driver brings about a collision there was no prediction of this event.

Poor health can be a serious problem. We are told to go to a medical facility once a year. The test are for looking for high sugar, cancer, blood pressure, and other ailments.


JOYS can also bring happiness. Great events are often accomplished by joy.

In Luke 6:22,23 an example.

“Blessed are ye, when men shall Hate you, and when they shall separate You from their company, and Shall reproach you, and cast out Your name as evil, for the son of Man’s sake.Rejoice ye in that day, and leap For joy: for, behold, your reward is Great In heaven: for in the like manner Did their fathers unto the prophets.”


No man can tell when and under what circumstances he shall die.


One of the most illustrative of this part was the presidential election of 2016. Hillary Clinton was supposed to win, Donald Trump won. He knew about the Electoral College.


Surprise! Thank God she lost!


Most people ignore and do not know the future because they cannot handle the tomorrows. There are two days that cannot be remade or predicted. One is yesterday – since it is gone. Then, tomorrow is impossible – because the elements are a mystery to us. Also the future belongs to God not to you and me.

Jeremiah 8:20-22 speaks to the issue that great trouble has been placed upon the Jewish people.

“The harvest is past, the summer Is ended, and we are not saved. For the hurt of the daughter of My people am I hurt; I am black; Astonishment hath taken hold of me.Is there no balm in Gilead;  is there no physician there? Why then Is not the health of the daughter of My people recovered?”

From the reading and contemplating the Old Testament and the New Testament it seems that the angels of God do not know the future except where it has been spoken such as in Revelations. However, this is a guess.


God has told us to care for the earth and we should enjoy what Jehovah has given us. The first chapter of Genesis 1:28-29, states:

“And God blessed them, and God said unto them. Be fruitful, andMultiply, and replenish the earth,And subdue it: and have dominionOver the fish of the sea, and over theFowl of the air, and over every livingThing that moveth upon the earth.And God said, Behold, I haveGiven you every herb bearing seed,Which is upon the face of all theEarth and every tree, in the which isThe fruit of a tree yielding seed; toYou it shall be for meat.”


It was Jesus Christ who was overwhelmed when he saw the future. The next few hours were not to be pleasant. Matthew 26:55-56 tells of the tremendous anguish the Savior went through.

“In that same hour said Jesus to The multitudes, are ye come out as Against a thief with swords and Staves for to take me? I sat daily With you teaching in the temple, and Ye laid no hold on me. But all this was done, that the Scriptures of the prophets might be Fulfilled. Then all the disciples Forsook him. And fled.”


Again, it happened when Matthew 26:39, tells us he knew the future:

“And he went a little further,And fell on his face, and prayed,Saying. O my Father, if it be possible, let This cup pass from me; nevertheless Not as I will, but as thou wilt.”


World War II was concluded because the United States would be a victorious. The two bombs told the enemy you will be overcome since that time there has not been a war which the United States sought victory. Look at the record:

Vietnam – We refused to go forward.

• Panama – Just get rid of a dictation.

• Lebanon – Shelled a few times.

• Middle East – Can’t find a way out of that mess.

• Afghanistan – Refused to kill the enemy.•


Then the final lies being told to the American people. It is the Muslim religions if It can be called a “religion”. God is never at the care of this belief.


There is a way out but the bankers, politicians and liberals refuse to embrace it.



First, God has given to our enemies of the United States which as we write are preparing for some sort of military conflict which will probably be fought in space. Then there are the lesser powers: North Korea, and individual countries.

Second, one should carefully see what the muslims are trying to do. This one will be easy because these people seek to kill and murder.

Third, there will be a moral breakdown. Pleasure will be a dominant force in life.

Fourth, the Church will decrease in its power, it already has lost its superior power.

Fifth, people will care less and less about God’s teachings.

You could reason that I should not speculate about the future. In fact I am not what I am doing is following the Bible especially Isaiah and Jeremiah who both predicted these events.

All of this must promote confidence in God. What the Bible does is tell the future. It already has happened before. See the events for what they are.

What has been written should promote confidence in God. Then when evil arises prayer is to be used. These remarks have been stated.

• “Cast all your care”

• “Committed thy way”

• “He sees all and knows all”

• “Pray without caring”.


The future in Christ gives to each of us hope. Outside of Him there is no hope. In fact, there is only despair.

Fake news has become a way of life among the media of the United States. Several have been exposed as liars whose hatred for Donald J. Trump is a plague upon them. These liars are so consumed by hatred – that they are falling on their own lies (swords).

The former head of the FBI has admitted his participation in all of this. He leaked information while running our national law enforcement. His testimony before the Senate Committee was a farce. How any person could ever depend on the FBI is beyond the concept of a rational ordinary person.


Only God can unravel this horrible affair.



Here are some rules that should be followed by all Christians:

1. Avoid any presumptions.

2. Keep your thoughts to yourself.

3. Be humble.

4. Seek holiness but always trust God.





“Come, every soul by sin oppressed
There’s mercy with the Lord
And He will surely give you rest
By trusting in His Word

Only trust Him, only trust Him
Only trust Him now
He will save you, He will save you
He will save you now.

For Jesus shed His precious blood
Rich blessings to bestow
Plunge now into the crimson flood
That washes white as snow.

Only trust Him, only trust Him,
Only trust Him now
He will save you, He will save you,
He will save you now.

Yes, Jesus is the truth, the way,
That leads you into rest
Believe in Him without delay
And you are fully blessed.

Only trust Him, only trust Him,
Only trust Him now
He will save you, He will save you,
He will save you now.

Only trust Him, only trust Him,
Only trust Him now
He will save you, He will save you,
He will save you now.”




June 11, 2017



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