Tell the Truth!

Keep Your Word!

“But the lord is with me as a
Mighty terrible one: therefore my
Persecutors shall stumble, and they
Shall not prevail: they shall be
Greatly ashamed; for they shall not
Prosper: their everlasting confusion
Shall never be forgotten.”
Jeremiah 20:11.

Among men there is a rare breed which most men look at in wonderment. These men are so unusual that other men are puzzled by what they see and hear. When it is revealed what they have as a characteristic you will be startled. It actually defies what normal men do. What would this quality be?


Here it is: Keep your word!


In short it is for us to live up to our promises. It is seldom done. In my life, there have only been a small number who kept their promise.

Not long ago someone had penned this story about Douglass MacArthur the American general who was not only a brilliant soldier but also a man who was often dramatic.

World War II started on December 7, 1941 when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. The next day the Philippines Islands were attacked. The United States fought but the U.S. Army was forced to retreat down the Bataan Peninsula to a fort called Corregidor.

Corregidor was about to fall to the Imperial Japanese Army. President Franklin Roosevelt commanded Douglass MacArthur to leave his command post. He did along with his wife, son and maid when he deported on a  MacArthur left Corregidor P.T. Boat.

Just before leaving, this man uttered three words: “I shall return”, on March 11, 1942. He left that command and took another one in Australia.

Then over two years later on October 20, 1944 he set foot on Leyte Island, Philippines and said, “I have returned”. He returned – , because he understood the power of keeping his word.

The Lord God keeps His word. This can be read in Zephaniah 3:13.

“The remnant of Israel shall not
Do iniquity, nor speak lies: neither
Shall a deceitful tongue b found in
Their mouth: for they shall feed and
Lie down, and none shall make them


People like and admire men who say something and then go through with actions to support their words.


There Is a marvelous attribute about God. One time has Jehovah not done what he said. The Old Testament is replete with the Lord keeping His remarks to men, to tribes and Israel. It all started with Genesis 2:17.

“But of the tree of the knowledge
Of good and evil, thou shalt not
Eat of it: for in the day that thou
Eatest threof thou shalt surely die.”


Then the first death is recorded in Genesis 4:8.

“And Cain talked with Abel his
Brother: and it came to pass, when
They were in the field, that Cain rose
Up against Abel his brother and
Slew him.”

Death is a mystery even until right now. Our bodies are created to die. The promise has been kept. It is only the Lord God who does keep his word constantly.Tell the Truth!

All men are basically liars. Some industries have more liars than others. The oil business has an abundance of those who find it very hard to keep their word. The basic word is the more abundance of money the more lies.

As a lawyer, I often tell people never lend money to the following:

  •  Relatives,
  • Friends,
  • Handshaking with associates, and
  • Oral agreements.

Congratulations, you just made a gift to that person. You will not get it back!

There are certain races and cultures that lying is a way of life. There are two groups that come to mind. Be careful of the muslims. They are known through the centuries as twisters of the truth.


It is only when Christianity becomes ingrained in society that truth prevails.


This is the reason we write what is intended and even then, beware how the words will be twisted. The law of England and the United States have a common theme going through it. This includes the common law as well as the statistic. This concept has deteriorated in the last decades. In politics, it is difficult to know who the biggest liars are. Republican or Democrat. Each should have a medal for liars of the week.



Moses knew who he was dealing with. This man of God knew how to read people. He saw how false and fraudulent they were and how easy to know. Moses wrote in Deuteronomy 30:17,18, what was to be their end.

“But if thine heart turn away, so
That thou wilt not hear, but shalt be
Drawn away, and worship other
Gods, and serve them:
I denounce unto you this day,
That ye shall surely perish, and that
Ye shall not prolong your days upon
The land, wither thou passest over
Jordan to go posses it.”

This man who was trained in the throne room of Egypt’s Pharaoh could see through the false ways of these Jews.

We know all of this did not happen immediately. It was not spontaneous. It was gradual here was the problem as found in Judges 21:25.

“In those days there was no king
In Israel: every man did that which
Was right in his own eyes.”


These people were not capable in keeping their word. Just as it is today. You and I must be constantly alert to the fact that by nature we are liars. Do not ever tell me you are not a liar. You are! I am!

When the prophets of Israel were dominant there was this issue that issue that Israel did not rely upon God. They wanted a king. Samuel said no. god told Samuel they could have a king because these people were liars. Samuel 8:7,  says this:

“And the Lord said unto Samuel
Hearken unto the voice of the people
In all that they say unto thee: for
they have not rejected thee, but me,
that I should not reign over them.”


The last book of the Old Testament is Malachi, 2:17.  In it, these words are written about the liars who were religious.

“Ye have wearied the Lord with
Your words. Yet ye say. Wherein
Have we wearied him? When ye say,
Every one that doeth evil is good in
The sight of the Lord, and he delighteth
In them; or, where is the God of


The words of the Jews were hollow. There was never any reason to believe their intention was other than to lie.


It is in our core to believe that most people are intentional liars. Again, you are a liar. Again, I am a liar. We both are sinners.


Here is an example of a lie you have said to another person, “Glad to see you.” The truth is that – most of time, you could care less about that person.

One should never accept or face value what leaders tell us. The list below gives us a political list of liars.

  • Big banks
  • Federal Reserve Board
  • Senate
  • Congressmen
  • State Officials
  • Double standard of law enforcemen
  • Federal Judges
  • Bureaucrats.


This is on the national scale; and the same distrust should apply to the state officials. Remember the rules are never the same for all people.

There immediately comes to mind what liars all government officials are. How sad! Forget it.

In recent years, there have been several liars which were interested upon destroying the United States and ou Constitution. One of them was the progressive, socialist, marxist, muslim-leaning, Liar – Obama. This man was such a liar that when the one reads his false depicted words – one dislikes him more and more.

Then there was the progressive, socialist, marxist, sin, excuses, male-hater – Hillary R. Clinton. Her sole purpose was destroy the U.S. Constitution. My hope is that she repents, confesses Christ and is immersed for the forgiveness of her sin and her lying ways.

There are other liars of the same vein who are bound for hell, unless a reformation takes place. Revelation 21:8, states a place is reserved for these to demons.

“I am Alpha and Omega, the
Beginning and the ending, saith the
Lord, which is, and which was, and
Which is to come, the Almighty.”


When the professionals such as lawyers, doctors, C.P.A.’s, university professors, and businessmen do the same; the place in hell has been already made ready. This should, always does, include people in business.


Your word and my word must be established – or else, we are no different than the people who are openly liars.



We did not have many sermons, where Jesus spoke. What he did was to have an open discussion with an individual, an intimate group and professional group. It was then he could be tested for truth.

You see, no one personally knows the other people when speaking to a large group. It is to easy to lie to a mass audience. When in a select small gathering then it is easy to watch the body language, the shifting eyes and waving of the hands.

Large groups can be told what to do. FDR did it by the radio. Hitler did it by parades, flags and style of an arm waving. Billy Graham and son Franklin Graham do it by music and praying. It is easy to talk to the masses then to speak to a small group. Look what the Son of man did. People could judge his 33 years for honesty.

There is no little sin all sins are equal. They are against God.



  • Speak only the truth
  • Fight lies
  • Learn how to speak honesty
  • Never apologize for the truth.





“To God be the glory, great things He has done;
So loved He the world that He gave us His Son,
Who yielded His life an atonement for sin,
And opened the life gate that all may go in.

Praise the Lord, praise the Lord,
Let the earth hear His voice!
Praise the Lord, praise the Lord,
Let the people rejoice!
O come to the Father, through Jesus the Son,
And give Him the glory, great things He has done.

O perfect redemption, the purchase of blood,
To every believer the promise of God;
The vilest offender who truly believes,
That moment from Jesus a pardon receives.


Great things He has taught us, great things He has done,
And great our rejoicing through Jesus the Son;
But purer, and higher, and greater will be
Our wonder, our transport, when Jesus we see.”




October 15, 2017


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