Only Loyal people are able to understand how important it is.


“For whosoever will save his life shall lose it;
But whatsoever shall lose his life for my sake
And the Gospel’s,
The same shall save it.”
Mark 8:35.

Often this author will refer to past events or situations. The reason for this is to let younger people know what it was like yesterday. The life then was set up in fundamentals – which are unknown if people are under 40 years old.

There is both good and bad which existed then – just as habits do now. Since this writer lived in another time zone then, an observation can be made that is valid. The change of character can be detected as an observer.


In many respects, there was much more ease than in 50 or 60 years ago. So many events now never would’ve happened in the past. The next part of this blog will illustrate the change in our life and times.

In as much part of my youth was spent in and around the oil industry, then the following remarks are drawn from that lifestyle. At the time, the large oil and gas companies were Gulf, Sinclair, Standard Oil, Phillips and a few others in certain regional locations. Men would spend their entire lifetimes working for the same company.


I have personally known men who literally spent 25 or 30 years with the same company. This now has changed.

One reason men and women do not stay with the same named industry is because their 401k can move with them. Then another reason is because people have different expectations in the different geographic areas worldwide.


As a practical matter, loyalty is seldom found.


Another situation was how long people lived in the same home for a very long time. My grandparents lived in the same house for over 30 years. While my grandfather worked for the New York Central Railroad for at least 40 years – they were not unusual people in this regard. I have read that Warren Buffet has had the same residence for something like 35 years. There was a certain stability to life in the past.


There is nothing improper staying in the same place for decades even though this is not the manner of life now. There is some data that supports the fact that we Americans – on an average change, our living quarters about every 5 or 6 years. It appears that we are nomads wandering from place to place taking up living quarters in RVs, cars, apartments, motels, or hotels. A stable life is no more.


We are on the move!



One can observe this being played out in many physical ways. The following is a partial list how movement is a way of life.

  • Look at the number of fast food establishments,
  • Look at how our clothes are bought-on line,
  • Look at how we buy cars – with a lot of pictures, and
  • Look at how we pick a medical doctor-by advertisement.


These are only examples of the fast pace in which our lives are lived. In life at this time, few people show much stability in their living. This mental concept transfers into something else also. Loyalty, as is known in the past no longer exists. The dictionary would define loyalty as fidelity, faith, attachment, allegiance or stand. The word loyalty is easy to define but is difficult to achieve.



When someone in politics arrives on the American’s landscape with stability and loyalty, there is a resistance to their way of operating in his or her own life. Trump is a puzzle to the elite of the United States. He brings loyalty to the nation. There is a sense of loyalty to anyone who shows loyalty. This is refreshing to say the least.


Trump gives us pride in our nation, but not in the government.


You should never forget that the government is not the same as the nation. Our government is rotten to its’ core. When we were told that our morals, ethics, and Christianity could and should be removed from politics – this was a horrible disaster. This is what it did to the following:

  • No sin.
  • No judgment, for wrong-doings
  • No right or wrong,
  • No discipline,
  • No intellectual improvement,
  • No morals and,
  • No loyalty to something greater than ourselves.


This came about because we were constantly moving and changing Many denied the Evidence of God. This has been to the detriment of the nation. God is a changeless David; the poet tells us that His rules are the same in Psalm 15:4.

“In whose eyes a vile person is contemned;
But he honoureth them that fear the Lord.
He that sweareth to his own hurt,
And changeth not.


The general attitude of many is that either God does not exist or if he does – then, he is not important from Psalm 14;1.

“The fool hath said in his heart,
There is no God. They are corrupt.
They have done abominable works.
There is none that doeth good.”


Those who should have the voice of concern in America are silent. To expect any comment from any politician is impossible. The blacks are without any voice. The Hispanics are without any voice. The Orientals are without any voice. The Anglo Saxons only have a few evangelists crying out.

The liberals, of course, have a LOUD voice – as they yell out for a change in our lifestyle.



The Blacks fuss about someone using the word, ”nigger” – when they routinely use this term towards one another. The Hispanics who are new to this land – want no borders. The Chinese constantly steal from the fruit of the white race.


Yes, John McCain was a committed warrior and should be honored for this but his legislation in the end was chaotic. His daughter did not keep her remarks about her father but had to stab the President in the back. There was no loyalty to the one man who extols America the nation. This man is Donald Trump.


At McCain’s funeral, his daughter exhaulted her father – but, also felt that she needed to stab our current president in the back. There was no loyalty to the one man who extols America – the Nation. This man is Donald Trump.

At the funeral of Aretha Franklin, more Hollyweirders took their turns at bashing the Commander-in-Chief. Al Franken bashed him. Al Franken is a liar and owes the United States quite a bit of money.


Bill Clinton, the white man who probably ate a big mac and stared lasciviously at some of the woman at the funeral, also took his turn at the bashing. He sat with Farrukun, who said that whites should die. We saw no loyalty in any form – except as it serves to move them up in the hierarchy.


What we are witnessing is a disloyal society to Churches. The preachers in their 10 or 15-minute sweet talks have no loyalty for anyone. These preachers do not understand Evangelism – much less sin, righteous, and the judgement to come. The Roman Catholics will see a falling away from their church, because of the abuse of children. No one could be loyal to that kind of organization. The puzzle is about loyalty.



There is a book, which has been seen and read by Christians. It is called, “Fox’s Book of Mysteries”. It as a collection of true stories of men and women who never veered from the faith of Christianity.


Only Loyal people are able to understand how important it is.



No matter if they were tortured or put to a burning stake – they held fast to Christ. They were loyal. Their minds never wandered.



Another book that was written by a repair man, who fixed pots and pans is called “Pilgrims Progress”. It tells the story of a man who had a goal in mind. He worked to reach the Holy City of Jerusalem. There were many trials and tribulations on his trial and how they attempted to get him to leave the Faith. Both were about people who were loyal to Christ.


At no time did Christ ever intimate that we are to be part-time servants. He actually said the opposite of that. Jesus gave an illustration of this, when he told us about the three servants that applies to us today. Matthew: 25:21-23.

“His Lord said unto him, well done,
Thou good and faithful servant.
Thou hast been faithful over a few things,
I will make thee ruler over many things.

Enter thou into the Joy of thy Lord.
He also said that he received two talents.
He came and said, Lord, Thou deliveredts unto me two talents.
Behold, I have gained two other talents beside them.

His Lord said unto him, well done, good and faithful servant; Thou has been faithful over a few things,
I will make thee ruler over many things.
Enter thou into the Joy of thy Lord.”


Our duty is to keep His Ways even the smallest matters. Luke 16:10, tells us this.

“He that is faithful in that which is least
Is faithful also in much.
And he that is unjust in the least,
Is unjust also in much.”


No one has ever said it will be easy to be a Christian. It will not be. We know in the Garden the night he was betrayed, that he wanted the pain and suffering to be removed. It was not. Three times he asked God to take this away. The only thing we have on record is an angel that came to minister to him. This told us in Mark 14:41 & 42.

“And he cometh the third time, and saith unto them,
Sleep on now, and take you rest.
It is enough, the hour is come; behold, the Son of Man is betrayed into the hands of sinners.”

“Rise up, let us go; lo he that betrayeth me is at hand.”


Matthew 26:45, tells us the same event.

“Then cometh he to his disciples, and saith unto them,
Sleep on now, and take your rest:
Behold, the hour is at hand,
And the Son of Man is betrayed into the hands of sinners. “


So many times, we are shown that Jesus expects us to be loyal. Which also means that we are to be loyal at all times. There is no room in Christianity for “Sunshine Christians and Summer Believers”.


Those that are make a mockery of the son of God are condemned. In Revelations 12:14-15, hope is given to us.

“And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle,
That she might fly into the wilderness, into her place,
Where she nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, From the face of the serpent.”

“And the serpent cast out of his mouth
Water as a flood after the woman,
That he might cause her
To be carried away from the flood.”


You and I should never put ourselves into any temptation that causes us to not remain loyal. You should never expect the rich, the famous, and the powerful – to remain true to God. The reason they will not, is because they depend upon the works of men, money, and wealth. All of these can vanish in a quick second.


To place your faith, loyalty, and dependence upon money is the sign of a fool.



1. Put no trust in a family.
2. Put no trust in a friend and,
3. Put no trust in a person.
4. Put no trust in a government.


Loyalty is not found in any of these. The only place loyalty can be found in – is in God. However, you must prove that you are worthy. In your confession, you should tell him that you accept him and that you repent of your sins.



The power of the water of immersion proves your loyalty. The Christian life must be lived.



1. Loyalty is for Christians.
2. You must live out your loyalty.
3. Trust no one.
4. Remain loyal until your death.


God Bless Our Republic.




“From over hill and plain
There comes the signal strain,
’Tis loyalty, loyalty,
Loyalty to Christ.

Its music rolls along,
The hills take up the song,
Of loyalty, loyalty,
Yes, loyalty to Christ.


“On to victory! On to victory!”
Cries our great Commander “On!”
We’ll move at His command,
We’ll soon possess the land.

Thro’ loyalty, loyalty,
Yes, loyalty to Christ.
O hear, ye brave, the sound
That moves the earth around.

’Tis loyalty, loyalty,
Loyalty to Christ;
Arise to dare and do.
Ring out the watchword true.

Of loyalty, loyalty,
Yes, loyalty to Christ.


Come, join our loyal throng,
We’ll rout the giant wrong,
’Tis loyalty, loyalty,
Loyalty to Christ.

Where Satan’s banners float.
We’ll send the bugle note,
Of loyalty, loyalty,
Yes, loyalty to Christ.


The strength of youth we lay
At Jesus’ feet today,
’Tis loyalty, loyalty,
Loyalty to Christ.

His Gospel we’ll proclaim.
Throughout the world’s domain,
Of loyalty, loyalty,
Yes, loyalty to Christ.”




Gerald K. Fugit
412 North Texas Avenue
Odessa, TX 79761

September 2, 2018






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