Men Must Stand

And that we may be delivered from unreasonable
and wicked men: for all men have not faith. But
the Lord is faithful, who shall stablish you, and
keep you from evil.”              II Thessalonians 3:2-3 

Paul was a man who looked around at the political system.  He was what we would call today as being street smart.  There were several reasons for this.  First, he was a Jew.  These people had through their history been free, enslaved and dispersed numbers of the times.  Thus little could ever been done to them that in the past had not been placed upon their culture.  Second, he was well trained not only in the statutes of Moses but since he was a Roman citizen there was a mental grasping of Rome’s edicts.  Third, but certainly not last he was inspired by God for a task that none had been given this Divine job.  Paul was to explain the Gospel to the gentiles.

This man chosen by Christ was unique.  None like him before and none like him afterwards.  Here are some of the attributes that Paul has given to us in the 21st Century.

  • How the church is to be organized
  • Importance of women in the body of Christ
  • Evangelization
  • Training of young men to be preachers
  • Social rules in society
  • Explanation of the Jews in Christianity
  • Willing to die for Christ now 

Here we have a man that could look around his environment and say this is what is needed for you.

As expected he did pay the ultimate price of a follower of Jesus of Nazareth we believe he was killed.  There are many who must hear the Gospel.


Paul told these citizens of Thessalonica that evil people do exist who have no desire to conform to the mandates of Scripture.  From what I have been able to glean from the media and reading material the situation in Houston, Texas is deplorable but also shows what evil people will do to obtain power over Christians.

From what has been stated the Mayor is a lesbian.  My word for her description is “queer”..  She or someone in her administration decided to subpoena certain pastors’ sermons.  They had advocated that a political action that was different from the Mayor.  She met a firestorm of rebuke.  Now the subpoenas have been changed.  The five ministers against the power of the Mayor.  Good for these men of God.

In II Thessalonians 3:1 these words are written:

“Finally brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have
free course, and be glorified, even as it is with you.” 

There must be the ability to move freely with ideas.  Christianity must not be suppressed.  The concept can be accomplished with two actions.

Above all we must be in prayer about the subject.  We should realize that the acceptance of God comes first.  In the prayer there must be desire that the Gospel can move about unhindered.  Then in all action God Himself is exalted.  His glory must be upheld.  When a prayer is uttered remember, it’s the Gospel continued and with God raised up.


There is one thing certain that ignorance has never been a hindrance to being a church leader.  The seeds of destruction are within the body of Christ.  There are moments when it seems that demolition is enter twined but other times the spirit of those people is only to bring some reason to the church body.

Your writer is a literalist of interpreting the Holy Scripture.  It is my understanding when the original test was penned it was by Devine inspiration.  The Holy Spirit was setting it out through mind and fingers of the writer.  Yes, now there are mistakes because of language barriers and the twisting of men to meet their wants.

In Thessalonians 3:4 there is the instruction to follow the instructions as set forth by Paul:

“And we have confidence in the Lord touching you, that ye both
do and will do the things which we command you.” 

In the October 15, 2014 weekly issue of the First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) these words are found on page 3:

“The debate between faith and reason is still raging in our world. Some
Christians believe that the scientific discovery is antithetical to Christian
faith. Many have adopted an approach to reading the Bible
that insists on a narrow interpretation of Scripture.” 

The author does not tell the reader what   …  ”a narrow interpretation of Scripture” is.  I suspect if it does not follow their beliefs it is narrow.  Could it be these part Bible believers are narrow?

The author continues to state.

“This results in Christians who believe that dinosaurs did not exist, or that
an Armageddon is coming from which only believers will be raptured.” 

The author continues to state certain conclusions.    

This smacks at being ignorant and lack of knowledge of reality.  I have never heard or saw in print any Christian state that dinosaurs did not exist.  Where is the data that this remark is posted?  Prove it!

Someone who says otherwise should read Job 41: 1-34.  This probably is a depiction of a dinosaur.LEVIATHAN_300x187  Read and you decide.

For some reason, which is not comprehended by this writer, the author shows a lack of knowledge of we literalist.

The socialist, Bible deniers and progressives have a problem when it is answering these questions.

First, if the Bible is not taken literally, then how is truth determined?

Second, do you understand that science changes almost daily?

Third, do you understand that science can be in dispute?

The world does not need any of the following!

  • Disciples of Christ
  • Presbyterians
  • Methodist
  • Episcopalians
  • Baptist
  • Roman Catholic
  • Non-denominational group

What the world needs is Jesus of Nazareth the Messiah.  This writer takes the Bible literally.


Paul tells these First Century Christians, since they were free people now this did not mean that any activity was okay since sin could be forgiven.  Paul was selective when he was among them.  II Thessalonians 3:8

“Neither did we eat any man’s bread for nought; but wrought with
labor and travail night and day, that we might not be chargeable
to any of you.” 

In a brief way Paul said he had been among them.  When there a model had been set out as an example.  He lived by what God told him.


                   II Thessalonians 3:10-11                   

“For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any
would not work, neither should he eat. For we hear that there are some
which walk among you disorderly, working not at all, but are

The industrial revolution that started about 1800 has produced great abundance of items.  There has been enormous personal property which has lead people to be lazy and really worthless.  What the economic benefits have encouraged others to rely upon government handouts.  Here are a few:

  • Food stamps
  • Housing
  • Medical attention
  • Clothing
  • Public schooling
  • Loans
  • Gifts
  • Tax deferrals
  • Social Security

Every one of these is money attained for not working.  What all of this brings is sin.  There must be a time when the financing of these handouts will stop.  As for as I am concerned this will come.  Some have said it will be the Great Default.

As a Christian we are to work.  Take seriously II Thessalonians 3:12

“Now them that are such we command and exhort by our
Lord Jesus Christ, that with quietness they work, and eat
their own bread.”       

 This culture does not believe this.  We love to say it is not this way but it is.


There is a very difficult situation for Christians and it is for the long pull for believers for when Christ accepted until death.  Christians are so enamored with the glitter of now that it can hardly be accepted that Christianity is nothing more than a passive period in life.  The Christian task is twofold – live the life and evangelism.  This means total giving of the life to and for Christ.

There are several people we should have no association.  When men act and live contrary to God’s word this passage states we are to tell them.  There is to be a warning to this man for refusal to act as a Christian.  Read Thessalonians 3: 14-15

“But ye, brethren, be not weary in well doing. And if any man obey
not by this epistle, not that man, and have no company with him, that
he may be ashamed.”

What people want is peace and tranquility .  This was a way that Paul closed his epistles to a church or a person.  Here was a man who understood what was happening around him.

Rome was a warlike nation.  It thrived on conflict.  We know for any nation like this conflict is a given. War will be waged constantly.

Now this blog will conclude the discussion of the two letters to the Church of Thessalonica.  The church and individuals would have a keener insight if it read about our culture.

This lesson teaches a basic principle found in II Peter 3:4

“And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? For since the
fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the
beginning of the creation.” 

This is called willful ignorance.

“Standing on the promises of Christ my King, thru eternal ages let His
praises ring, Glory in the highest I will shout and sing,
Standing on the promises, I cannot fall, Listening every moment to the
Spirit’s call, Resting in my Savior, as my all in all,
Standing on the promises of God.”                                      Carter


Gerald Fugit

October 19, 2014

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