Perverts Bring Death

“And the man, the master of the house, went out unto
them, and said unto them, nay, my brethren, nay I pray
you, do not so wickedly; seeing that this man is come
into mine house, do not this folly.” Judges 19:23.

We try to distinguish what certain evil men and women produce when such are not kept under control. Names describe what certain groups do to tear down the righteousness as we live our lives under the banner of those who are seeking God’s law.

The name which homosexuals are referred to is “queer”. They are perverted in sexual matters. It would seem in the United States the person who uses this word is thought to be strange, uncouth and deplorable to call that person what he or she really are.

Homosexuals have been in many cultures from the various countries we know about. It was said Winston Churchill stated that three things kept the British fleet afloat; they were “rum, the lash and sodomy”.

Women were not allowed aboard the British ships.

In this country, there are clusters of these perverts. The cluster which comes to mind most quickly is:  San Francisco, California. It seems these perverts always like to parade once a year naked or nearly so – dressed in garments that are unsightly.

Immediately to the south is Los Angeles; where Hollywood serves as a magnet for those who do not serve God. Hollywood in the past has produced great movies such as Ten Commandments and Ben Hur.

In our day and time, the sin is hidden by a term called Civil Rights.  A person can do what he or she wants in their own bedroom, when the door is closed. This is a form of upholding sin. In other words, so long as it is hidden out of sight this puts a stamp of approval on such conduct.

When the Holy Scripture is examined, just because a sin is committed in private – doesn’t mean that Jehovan, God accepts it.  When I hear a lawyer or politician say this, it  immediately makes that person repulsive to me.

When that type of logic is used, you can mark that person as a fool and you cannot trust them!

The muslim socialist-leaning living occupant of the White House had certain colored lights around the President’s House and it was a sign of what he was. He is a man who gravitated to the homosexuals.  They shouted out with their signs and we wonder if they should be removed from society. The homosexuals are toxic to society. If allowed to continue, then their ways will spread to the young.

We will have what we are now reaping: A Godless society.

The reason the Bible is to be read and read again and again –  is to inform us about the mistakes that have been made by others in the past.  Thus, we can learn from the mistakes and flaws of others. Only a fool would say not to read this God-inspired book. God sought to halt sodomy when two cities were burned to a crisp. Genesis 18:20 states they were bad places.

“And the Lord said, because the cry of Sodom and
Go-mor’rah is great, and because their sin is very

Then, Genesis 19:24-25 explains what happened.

“Then the Lord rained upon Sodom and upon
Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the Lord out
of heaven;
And he overthrew those cities, and all the plain,
and all the inhabitants of the cities, and that which
grew upon the ground.”

God loathes the sin of a homosexual. It does not matter what the Supreme Court writes about Civil Rights this sin is repulsive. Yes, I know all sin is against the Lord God but homosexuality is a sin that destroys a person, a group, and a culture.

What this sin leads to is: pornography and child abuse. It should never be tolerated by any culture – for even a second!

In the United States is an accepted norm more and more in such places as the Roman Catholic religion, Protestant clergy, college professors and the people who create our laws. Like all sin once it gets started and not confronted –  it will spread.

From a health standard there are serious concerns what it does to the human body. From every view this sin destroys the body. When you have the opportunity go to the Internet to see what this sin does.

Among some it will be said that the person who is homosexual came out of the closet, they are brave. This is not so.  Call them brazen fools!



One would think that a follower of God would have the mental ability to choose a woman that would be also Godlike. In our chapter today of Judges 19:1-2, this man took a whore for a wife. This is set out very clearly.

“And it came to pass in those day, when there was no
king in Israel, that there was a certain Levite sojourning
on the side of mount E’phra-im, who took to him a
concubine out of Bethlehem Judah,
And his concubine played the whore against him, and
went away from him unto her father’s house to
Bethlehem-judah, and was there four whole months.”

People do strange things and this text sets this out. The Bible makes no distinction between a whore and a man who is a philander. Both are condemned by God as being sinners.

From what we read, the father in law liked his son-in-law, the Levite, who had come for his wife.
When the son-in-law starts to leave – then the woman’s father begged the husband and wife to stay. It was always you can stay until tomorrow. It was finally time to leave the fathers house Judges 19:8, sets this out for us.

“And he arose early in the morning on the fifth day to
depart: and the damsel’s father said, comfort thine
heart, I pray thee. And they tarried until afternoon, and
they did eat both of them.”

The problem arose when the Levite and his wife did not leave until noon.

When Jerusalem was near the Levite refused to stay there but chose to move on. We are not certain why this happened. He wanted to be where there were Jews and by this time it appears there may have been many non-Jews living there. Judges 19:12 tells us this.

“And his master said unto him, we will not turn aside
hither into the city of a stranger that is not of the
children of Israel; we will pass over to Gibeah.

In the next city they found a place to rest for the night. It was an old man who took them in for the night. We do not do this in our culture because of fear – plus there are so many hotels, motels, and inns there is no reason for there to be people to keep strangers overnight. Travel has changed us because of the interstates and air travel. Then if a person is without lodging in every city there are beds for the traveler such as the Salvation Army.



In every city, there are certain areas where unknown people do not go. It does not matter who populates the place. In Detroit, Michigan I have read that police only go in numbers. The blacks control the streets in that area. In Chicago, Illinois, the fact is the same. It is in South Chicago.

In the place where I live, the blacks control what was the “flats”. In Far West Odessa, the Hispanics have taken over the western area of certain portions of Ector County, Texas. Then, the white men have a farm in Ector County, Texas that is controlled by Aryan man and their women.

It was common in the past centuries for the Italians, Chinese, and Jews to be in power. We should not think this 19th chapter of Judges is something that only existed then. What happened to this Levite, his wife and servant was different. It was not from then until now. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  In Judges 19:22, the story states when the perverts started to gather.

“Now as they were making their hearts merry, behold,
the men of the city, certain sons of Belial, beset the
house round about, and beat at the door, and spake
to the master of the house, the old man, saying, bring
forth the man who came in to thine house, that we may
know him.”

The queers wanted the man to come out but the old man who lived there started to persuade these homosexuals to not do this. Although the Bible only gives us a small amount of the conversation it must have been loud and abusive.



We are told that the Levite took his own wife out to let these evil men ravage her, your imagination will not have to work long to know what happened – for Judges 19:25-26 sets this out.

“But the men would not hearken to him: so the man
took his concubine, and brought her forth unto them;
and they knew her, and abused her all the night until
the morning: and when the day began to spring, they
let her go.
Then came the woman in the dawning of the day, and
fell down at the door of the man’s house where her
Lord was, till it was light.”

The next morning this hurt woman fell by the door of the house. It appears she was already dead or was unconscious from the sins of these men. As soon as the Levite arrived home and cut her up into twelve pieces. He then sent each bloodied section to a tribe and told them what happened.
His intention was for the tribes of Israel to be inflamed. The atrocity was unheard of in Israel according to Judges 19:30.

“And it was so, that all that saw it said, there was no
such deed done or seen from the day that the children
of Israel came up out of the land of Egypt unto this
day: consider of it, take advice, and speak your minds.”


In our time the radio, the Internet, and television serve the same purpose to tell of such events. However, when things like this happen now – people know about it right away. The call went out for revenge. It was time for a blowback. The rape and abuse happened in the boundaries of the tribe of Don.



The issue is brought up what can we do in our time to counteract such evil. The homosexuals have not reached the power of the Danites because of the few in number. These people become violent when the power is given to them.

This is what each of us can do:

• Speak out against this deviate form of sexual behavior,
• Inform others that God despises this action of      homosexual action,
• Boycott anyone who won’t uphold this,
• Encourage your spiritual leader to speak out in opposition, and
• Treat all women with respect.




“Rescue the perishing,
Care for the dying,
Snatch them in pity from sin and the grave;
Weep o’er the erring one,
Lift up the fallen,
Tell them of Jesus the mighty to save.
Rescue the perishing,
Care for the dying;
Jesus is merciful,
Jesus will save.

Though they are slighting Him,
Still He is waiting,
Waiting the penitent child to receive;
Plead with them earnestly,
Plead with them gently;
He will forgive if they only believe.

Down in the human heart,
Crushed by the tempter,
Feelings lie buried that grace can restore;
Touched by a loving heart,
Wakened by kindness,
Chords that are broken will vibrate once more.

Rescue the perishing,
Duty demands it;
Strength for thy labor the Lord will provide;
Back to the narrow way,
Patiently win them;
Tell the poor wand’rer a Savior has died.



November 20, 2016

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