Prepare To die

“Because to every purpose there is time and judgment,
Therefore the misery of man is great upon him.
For he knoweth not that which shall be:
For who can tell him where it shall shall be.”
Ecclesiastes 8:6-7

There was an article posted on the Internet that stated that approximately 100 people commit suicide every day of the year in the United States.  The mathematics is very simple.  Multiply 100 X 365 days and the result is 36,500 of  people that say they do not want to live.

When a person reaches the age of 50 years old then each person knows the Grim Reaper is not long off.  The physical aspects are becoming more apparent such as cancer, diabetes, eyesight less and the usual aches and pains with maturity.

Then there is the loss of meaning for life. The zest to live has been diminished.  The children are gone from the home.  The work has lost its significance.  Sometimes our desire to leave a lasting imprint in our surroundings has vanished.

Some people come to the conclusion there is nothing else to be seen or done.  The cities no longer are a place to go.  Nature holds less and less allure.  In short we have seen or done it all.

People have disappointed us with their lies, theft and conniving.  The government does not keep its promises for help and care.  The promise of the politicians we know is false, and these charlatans have little to offer.

It is at this point some people say no more.  Life without hope.  Then some join the group of 100 a day who commit suicide.


When you listen to some person discuss what he or she wants from life the word “happy” often is spoken as if it is a means on end.  So be happy is a solution that arises when we are involved in some task.  It is a condition that comes about.

The culture we are in the United States is what one could call the youth civilization.  Look around and you will see and hear and speak of the attitudes.  If you go to Las Vegas, Nevada you will see middle-aged people attempting to be young.

  • People will wear sandals only.
  • All wearing shorts.
  • At least half of the breast of women showing.
  • Men in T-shirts – generally with a goofy remark imprinted.
  • Cell phone conversations constantly.

Maybe it is not just Las Vegas but also at your local mall or sports event.

Still happiness evades these people.  The older one becomes the less likelihood there will be happiness.

There are fools who believe travel to far away places can bring contentment.  When some people have wealth and financial friends will travel to every continent.  I have knowledge of such a person.  This person travels at least four months each year.  For what?

Travel is a fool’s paradise.

There are many unhappy people in the United States.  When depending upon things people and places you will never be happy.


When reading this blog do not become despondent, depressed or downtrodden.  You must look at life the way it is.  The intelligent person who admits this is like the way it is.

In simple terms:  Prepare to die.  It would seem that among some people there is a death wish.  Recently I read that a blog creator by the name of James Attucher wrote:

“ How do I know a lot of people want to die?  Because Google tells me.

The search phrase that is most likely to take people to my blogs, “I Want To Die”.

For me, this is very depressing.  This notion is sick, sick and sick.  Yet we are a such depressed people. Things yes!  Money yes!  Travel yes!

My question is:  What is going on?  This is a wonderful paradox.  You may have thought about death.  We all have mentally had an idea, which is not a sensible or logical concept.  I can say this has never entered my mind.

In scripture there is no room for this thought of self-destruction.  The early church fathers considered this act to be murder.  What else could one claim it is?

In early centuries of Christianity we know that believers were put to death for their beliefs in Jesus Christ.  This is not the same as violence against oneself.  Jesus, Paul or the church leaders always spoke that the followers were for life.

It has taken a time for the Texas Legislature to put a time period when an abortion could not be performed.

You see as a group the liberals have been for death of those who cannot defend themselves – unborn and aged.


Some steps that could be taken to preserve life are as follows.

First, the Bible sets the standard when it states in Hebrews 9:27

“And as it is appointed unto men once to die,

but after this the judgment”.

It is the decision of God when we die, it never is ours.  Our task is to live life in the fullest way possible.

Second, the Philippians jailer was told do not do this as recorded in Acts 16:27-29;

“”And the keeper of the prison awaking our of his sleep,
and seeing the prison doors open,
he drew out his sword,
and would have killed himself
supposing that the prisoners had been fled.

But Paul cried with a loud voice,
saying, “Do thyself no harm:
For we are all here.”

Then he called for a light,
and sprang in, and came trembling,
and fell down before Paul and Silas.””

This sets the standard of no harm to one’s self.

Third, it was Jesus who told the masses why He came when He declared in John 10:10

“The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy:
I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it
more abundantly”.

Some people have never comprehended this remark.  Christ never came to alleviate life.  The book of John is replete with the world “life”.

As a Christian I have no God given authority to remove myself from this earth.

What this means is I must daily be absorbed in spreading the gospel to those before they die and as long as I am able to tell the good news of life here and eternity.

The church presented in the New Testament seeks to give an abundance of life.

A person does not honor God by destroying his own life.  We honor the Lord by our living for Him.  Satan desires to destroy God’s creation – life.  Self destruction appears to be a sin.  The perpetrator can never repent.

“Living for Jesus a life that is true
Striving to please Him in all that I do.
Yielding allegiance glad hearted and free
This is the pathway of blessing for me.”


Gerald Fugit (Paul Tertius)

August 18, 2013


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