The Hamster Wheel


“O Lord, I have heard thy speech, and
was afraid: O Lord, revive thy work
in the midst of the years, in the midst
of the years make known; in wrath
remember mercy.” Habakkuk 3:2

When a person goes to a pet shop often there is a hamster in a cage.  Placed in the cage is a wheel wide enough for the hamster to jump into.  The wheel turns fast or slow depending on how fast the hamster moves its legs.

Actually the wheel stays in place, neither going forward or backward.  All it does is spin around and around.  No progress.

The key word in the scriptural text  is “revive” thus one should give meaning to the world revive.  Actually it means to bring back to life that which was dead.

On any given Sunday morning a person can observe half-filled church parking lots.  When one can observe the car occupants leaving their vehicles you will observe they are generally small children escorted by their mother.  Yes, some men do go to church but the vast number is women and children.  They body of Christ no longer is dominated by men alone.  The power is found in women.

In the early church when reading the New Testament one could observe the following:

  • The elders were men
  • The deacons were men
  • The Apostles were men
  • The writers were men
  • The first missionaries were men
  • The first martyrs were men
  • The sermons were by men
  • The New Testament was written by men
  • The Old Testament prophets were mainly men 

There is a law of nature that the physical world abhors a vacuum.  Men have defaulted in their responsibility and thus women have come to the front of the battle to bring the gospel.

If it were not for women the decline of the christian church would be more rapid than it is now.



 The church should never be thought of as dead but the obvious truth is such is in decline, cold and sluggish.  It will rise again.

The spirit of the body of Christ has taken on social aspects which are not for the glory of God.

First, there is a condition of carelessness as to Bible text.  What was accepted as important such as theft, lies, sodomy, adultery and worship is now excused or scoffed.

Second, there is some formality in the worship services.  It is ritual.  It can be words that have no meaning.  Repeated!  Repeated!  Repeated.

Third, often the evangelism of souls is considered as a fanatic would express himself or herself.  The burden for lost people has departed from Christ’s church.  Your author once went to a church eldership for a new work.  Within minutes I was rebutted and told no way.

Fourth, the world’s members are doped against Christ.  The church has become an organization with a religious flavor.  Frankly it is religion and not a Christian flavor.    Around you will see eating, gluttony, entertainment, youth bias, short sermons that resemble TV commercials and holding Christianity in contempt.



When Jesus came He announced the dynamic reason He was sent and stayed for three years.

“I am come that they might have life
and have it more abundantly.” – John 10:10


In the Old Testament Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel called for a revival.

Then the Messiah came in due time but was killed by the jealous Jews under a Roman order.  There was no logical reason for Him to arrive on earth.  When seen this Jesus is  one of two ways you can determine how you accept Him.  There is either a dislike or there is an acceptance.

Be honest!  The world says no to the Son of God.  However, this be still we must be revived.



We in West Texas know what a drought means physically to an area of land.  The trees die.  The grass turns  brown.  The streams dry up.  Men suffer in this heat.  The animal life decreases.  Land fires break out.  Water becomes an expensive commodity.

Is this any different than the church of today?  People exiting the body.  The baptistery is dry.  Fewer people come to the service.  The moral conduct is despicable.  The poor are left to suffer.  The rich take no part in the gospel.  The church is cold.  People cannot discern between right and wrong.



As a believer we must believe that a revival is possible.  The following are examples how certain men have brought revival:


  • Martin Luther brought forth the Lutherans
  • John Calvin brought forth the Presbyterians
  • John and Charles Wesley brought forth the Methodists
  • George Fox brought forth the Quakers
  • Charles Spurgeon brought forth the Baptists
  • Alexander Campbell brought forth the Christian Church/Church of Christ


Yes, one person can bring about revival.

Second, we must remove sin from our own life.  There must be the motivation to settle quarrels, heal hatred, right wrongs, quit evil habits and forsake all known sin.

Third, another aspect of a revival is we must respect the house of worship.  It must be a holy place.  It is a place of worship.  This is where the Lord’s Supper is partaken.

Fourth, it is through prayers that we obtain.  God listens to the fervent prayer of the righteous.  As a Christian we must pray for a revival in prayer Jesus hears.  In prayer the Holy Spirit hears.  God will open the avenues of blessing.

Fifth, then expect the revival to come.  Never be pessimistic about the coming event.  So begin to act in a way that knows it will be.


Actually a revival is in our own hands.  No one cares as we should.  All means for this is in our own hands and mind.


There can be a change.  There are people who seek to restore New Testament principles. We are a people of the Restoration Movement.  We are a people who use the New Testament as our means of faith and practice.


“Revive us again,
Fill each heart with Thy love
May each soul be enkindled with fire from above?
Hallelujah Thine’s the glory
Revive us again”. – Mackay


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