The powerful senators & congressmen don't need to answer to the Law. The little people do.

Two Tiers of Justice

“For I know that after my death
Ye will utterly corrupt yourselves,
And turn aside from the way which
I have commanded you;
And evil will befall you in the latter days;
Because ye will do evil in the sight of the Lord,
To provoke him to anger
Through the work of your hands.”
Deuteronomy 31:29.

It has been a huge problem for people in the United States, especially in the last twenty years. The awful truth is that this type of thing has been going on for decades but many people in the past, have turned a blind eye to this mental madness. The sense of moral justice has been crushed and declared that it doesn’t really exist.


There is a truth which must be told about the events that we are now going through. The trouble we are having is due to the fact that two groups in our society won’t clean their own professional houses.

The powerful senators & congressmen don't need to answer to the Law. The little people do.

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First, the Legal Profession is a mess that should be cleansed.


Some of the sorriest people I have met are those who practice law. The Law Schools have trained men and woman to be purveyors of the truth. Their pleadings are sometimes out on public record.


Every state and the federal system has a mechanism called a motion for summary judgment. The original concept was to look at the alleged facts and it could dismiss the case if one person said there are no facts which support their allegations. The plaintiff may have asked for a jury to decide this but one person, the Judge, would be designated to say that no party will get to see this case.

The only reason that the “Motion for Summary Judgment”, was created – was to thwart the Justice System.


The fact is; it does not redact justice. The insurance company lawyers use this weapon in, I believe, 90% of their responses.


Proverbs 14:12, puts it this way.

“There is a way which seemeth right unto a man,
But the end therof are the ways of death.”


Again, in Proverbs 17:15, declares of this way.

“He that justifeth the wicked,
And he that condemeth the just,
Even they both are an abomination
To the Lord.”


The perverted justice was to keep real justice from being a part of life. There is a fundamental error in the way people think and it is that without God’s commands being followed – there can never be justice. There is a set of rules for the elite and a set of rules for the common people. This is two tiers of justice.


Another area of the law that violates justice is a system that lawyers have seen to be enacted is when a medical wrong is committed on a person the only amount allowed under most circumstances in Texas, is $250,000, plus certain incidentals.


The legislature of Texas has stated that you are only worth $250,000!


In a death case for an automotive truck collision the limit is what you can prove. It was Peter in Acts 2:38, 40, who states your worth.

“Then Peter said unto them, Repent,
And be baptized every one of you
In the name of Jesus Christ
For the remission of sins,
And ye shall receive the gift
Of the Holy Ghost.”

“For the promise is unto you,
And to your children,
And to all that are afar off,
Even as many as the Lord our God shall call.”

And with many other words did
He testify and exhort,
Saying, Save yourselves
From thus untoward generation.”


These two examples show the way that men can cheat you – by and through lawyers.



The ultimate authority of the courts is the Supreme Court of the United States. This group of men and women make law and often go further than interpret the law. The accusation has been in the last few years that these nine judges make the law. This they have done time again and again. There is one notorious case which is still with us. The written law we have with us now it was made up by the judges on the court. It is generally referred to as Roe Vs. Wade.


The darkness of Satan has seeped into the hearts of men and the people of the United States will be Judged – regarding this hateful decision.


There is never a day that this terrible decision doesn’t play into our life. It has proven to be a method by which one can murder another defenseless human being. Any normal human will say that life begins at inception. Since this decision it is estimated 50,000,000 babies have been murdered.


Some believe it is larger by several million newborns.  Picture of a newborn baby Exodus 20:13, gives a very straight answer.


”Thou shall not kill.”


There was a time when the Roman Catholics opposed this holocaust – but now there is some doubt. Protestant groups are for the most part, silent on the issue that the Supreme Court allowed. Ministers and priests seldom speak on the subject. They won’t speak our because it is too controversial. It might drive members away.


All of this was brought about by a group sitting on the Supreme Court. The courts can be cesspools of evil that bring havoc to all of us. You should try to stay from the courts – if you can. If you must go to court, then by all means finish your approval quickly.


Each state in the United States has a court that is superior to all of the others. In Texas, there are two. The Supreme Court is for Civil Matters – then there is the Court of Criminal Appeals. All are elected by the people.


In ancient Israel, there was no actual place for judges. But, one tribe was to see to it that the law of God that was written by Moses, was followed. This tribe was the Tribe of Levi. The book of Leviticus was for these men. Moses came from this tribe.


The reason God assigned this group of men to no specific land was so that they would be scattered, although Israel is the promised land. They were to teach the people the commands of the Lord Almighty. In some situations, this religious order lived in the homes of people.


In today’s setting this is not a fact. The law had to be read to the people when there was a gathering as set out in Deuteronomy 31:10, 11.

“And Moses commanded them,
At the end of every seven years,
In the solemnity of the year of release,
In the feats of tabernacles,
When all Israel is come to appear
Before the Lord thy God,
And unto all the elders of Israel. “


Suppose it was a requirement for everyone to hear the United States Constitution on a timely basis? Maybe we should all hear it yearly.



This nation is undergoing a time of tremendous upheaval. It appears there were only two other times when the lines were drawn that blood was spilled out enmasse. The first time was when The American Revolution existed. The second time was just before the War Between The States and the War itself. In both cases, there was an agitation that we can not possibly understand.


Today the socialist, communist, and democratic leaders want this to happen. All three of these demons have preached physical violence. It was brought about by the socialist, muslim-leaning, Christian-hater, Obama. There are many followers of this in the nation. You can hear the voices cry out for physical disruption. The election of November 6, 2018, may bring this to happen. You can hear Charles Schumer, Maxine Waters, And Obama blathering about.


In the government the Department of Justice, Central Intelligence Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigations have been corrupted. It seems the courts are in the same mode. The appointments of Obama are questionable. The secret FISA court sets back and does nothing about the numerous lies told to it by the leaders of their agencies previously set out.


If we as a citizen – were to lie to the court, the judicial hammer would come crashing down on us. In the courts of the United States there are two tiers to the set of rules.


The Clinton Crime Group gets a pass on any illegal activities.


The Democrats are also given a free pass. The leaders of the legal profession were condemned by Jesus. In Luke 12:46, Jesus stated an indictment.

“The Lord of that servant will come in a day
When he looketh not for him,
At an hour when he is not aware,
And will cut him in sunder,
And will appoint him
His portion with the unbelievers.”


Christ told the lawyers what they were doing with the rules and commandments. Christ again, in Luke 12:47,48, stated there was praise given to the evil that men do.

“And that servant, which knew his Lord’s will,
And prepared not himelf,
Neither did according to his will,
Shall be beaten with that many stripes.

But he that knew not,
And did commit things worthy of stripes,
Shall be beaten with few stripes.
For unto whomsoever much is given,
Of him shall be much required:
And to whom men have committed much,
Of him they will ask the more.”


The remark was that evil men were going to be honored. There was to be confusion put in the minds of people, so that evil could be perpetrated.


This is exactly what is happening today. Luke 12:50, speaks to this issue.

“But I have a baptism to be baptized with;
And how am I straitened till it be accomplished!”


When the Democrats are put into office, EVIL will prevail.



Be very careful how you vote and do not listen to the Propaganda. Evil is before your very own eyes. You should never forget who it was that killed Jesus.


It was the judges and rulers who hung him on the cross. Matthew 26:57, informs us who the man who took Christ.

“And they that had laid hold on Jesus
Led him away to Cai’a-phas, the high priest,
Where the scribes and elders
Were assembled.”


It is always the same: When you tell the truth, you will be attacked. Too much of the truth and truthful statements will get you killed. If the Democrats come to power, then we will be like China. The muslims have the same evil beliefs.

All Christians will be harassed!



1. Law is not the same for all.
2. Judges are to be watched.
3. Lawyers are to be watched.
4. Powerful often hate Christians.


God Bless Our Republic.





“I can hear my Savior calling,
I can hear my Savior calling,
I can hear my Savior calling,
“Take thy cross and follow, follow me.”

I’ll go with him through the garden,
I’ll go with him through the garden,
I’ll go with him through the garden,
I’ll go with him, with him all the way.

I’ll go with him through the judgment,
I’ll go with him through the judgment,
I’ll go with him through the judgment,
I’ll go with him, with him all the way.

He will give me grace and glory,
He will give me grace and glory,
He will give me grace and glory,
And go with me, with me all the way.



Gerald K. Fugit
412 North Texas Avenue
Odessa, Texas 79761


September 16, 2018

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