War Fog

“Oh what king, going to make war against another king,
Sitteth not down first, and consulteth whether he be able.
With ten thousand to meet him that cometh against him,
With twenty thousand?”  Luke 14:31.

He was called one of the quiz kids that helped keep Ford Motor Company out of a decline and maybe even bankruptcy. From 1961 to 1968, he was the Secretary of Defense of the United States. He recognized the Fog of War – which is now used to describe the complexity of military conflicts .

Robert Strange McNamara was one of the “Architect’s of the Vietnam War.” Vietnam was the Armed Conflict – which when the final curtain came down – there were about 58,000 young men and women who left home – but, they came back in metal boxes.

This was the man who helped start the war but he did not have the mental ability to complete what he helped launch. This man was the perfect example how sin destroys lives of all it touches.

This type of leader has several characteristics but one is dominant. How do you control the sins of people? Unless you are followers of Jesus Christ you do not.

There is no way that war is brought to an end. It takes a fearless leader for it to happen. In this case, after the offense started, then the Communist North Vietnamese should be bombed, attacked and anhililated, as the enemy.


The timing could not have been better. The godless Socialist Communist’s were very weak in all aspects.


Walter Cronkite spoke on the local and national news and told the American people the war was lost. Thie group of godless Communist’s were beaten. The philosophy should have been – to attack. Real military commanders know all of their own history of wars. Commanders knew this. Patton knew this. MacArthur knew this.

When weak men are in war – the result is defeat. When George Washington heard that Cornwallis was at Yorktown, he went for the English fleet. He understood that he needed to attack NOW!


Real men know how to defeat the enemy. Keep the pressure upon those who plot to destroy you.


There is one fact which must be kept in mind. You will meet resistance. Nehemiah the jew who built the wall in the holy city Jerusalem. Nehemiah 2:20, tells his reaction to ridicule.

“Then answered I them, and said unto them, the God of heaven,
He will prosper us; therefore, we his servants will arise and build:
But ye have no portion, nor right, nor memorial in Jerusalem.”


Another example was how Paul met opposition when told to stop the spreading of the Gospel. It is found in Acts 23:31,32, when comments were made about Paul.

“Then the soldiers, as it was commanded them, took Paul,
and brought him by night to An-tip’a-tris.
On the morrow they left the horsemen to go with him,
and returned to the castle.”


As a Christian, you should understand that you must strike a blow when the enemy is weakened. It will defeat him. Satan can & WILL be brought down in defeat.

CREDIT: https://www.slideshare.net/brighteyes333/waiting-for-superman-5282204

Never let someone tell you that you cannot defeat Satan. Only the weak infer or say it cannot be accomplished.

As a person we must understand the events which bring about war. First wars are brought by people. When an expert or diplomat gives some official remark disregard it because their motivation is not the same as yours and mine.

When I was growing up, my father said to just ask the missionaries what is taking place. These are the people who know. Someone riding around in a black car with flags attached to the front bumpers and then, going to a cocktail party cannot even know what has taken place – much less what is the situation at this time with the Government.

One should realize the government is always instrumental in a war. The reason for this is more money can be collected plus wars cause expansion of business. It never is just the physical implements of war that are manufactured. This is one of several reasons why solutions come very slowly for peace.

The Korean War took years to be over. Vietnam was the same way. Conflicts can be stopped quickly. There are always people who claim peace is an object. The peace people love to parade around and cry and make silly speeches against the conflict. Money is always the primary factor in any war. Special contractors want MORE WAR – not less.



The United States enjoys the promotion of war. Look around for the signs that we encourage killing. Who continues to be in armed conflict in the Middle East for decades and supplys Israel with all the military might that we do. It looks like some kind of conflict is developing against Russia now.

When aircraft carriers surround North Korea, in addition to the large naval vessels which support the carriers ~ then you see the signs. Right now they seem to have stopped preparations.


It seems that we are in the middle of a lull right now. The only place we are killing is in the Middle East and occasionally in Africa.


There are men who make it a point to study how wars are conducted. Such a man was Liddell Hart, a British writer, who analyzed war. These men try to make sense out of the might of the military. Sometimes this seems difficult. Often the difficulty is in the fact that the excuses are obscured and distorted by emotions which are a basis of ignorance.

In ancient times, such as in the Old Testament, when wars were fought, whole cities were destroyed. Some examples were in Jericho and Ai, when women, children, and older people were put to the sword. Then news lead on to change. We fought only against an army of man.

When Hitler fought Great Britain, he bombed the centers of civilian population. When the United States entered the war in 1941, it commenced to carpet bomb cities and NOT military installations in Japan.

You should expect the fact that we are LOVERS OF WAR. With the present make up of the Senate and House of Representative – no change will happen.

Here are areas which seem to be guiding principles for a Christian that should never be removed:

Christianity is the only religion.
⦁ There should be in every Christian home, a training for young men and women.
⦁ Christianity, if intelligently conducted develops the highest mental, moral and physical attributes.
⦁ Christian leaders are to be praised if they are filled with humility.
⦁ Christian service is a necessity at all times.
All forms of government need to be Christian-Based.


Do I think that these six areas will be followed? No! Will it happen in the near future? No! Then why should Christianity be set out this way? As a follower of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Son of God, we must follow what He told us to do. In order for us to conquer the world, we must be like a soldier who is under the control of our Commander in Chief.

Jesus before leaving to return to the Father spoke these words in Luke 24:46-48.

“And said unto them, Thus it is written and thus it behoved Christ to suffer, and to rise from the dead the third day.
And that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in his name among all nations, beginning at Jerusalem.
And ye are witnesses of these things.”



In a battle plan there are certain rules which must be followed if the soldier is to be a conqueror. It was John, in John 15:1-3, that set the rules for us.

“I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman.
Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away: and every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit.
Now ye are clean through the word which I have spoken unto you.”


This morning I went to the Gideons International meeting. One man commented that Churches are losing the young people. One man said that a Church in Monahans, Texas only had four people attending and no preacher. No one mentioned a solution. Unfortunately, old men talk this way. It is not enough to mention the problem – but a solution should be given.

We should always be willing to follow the rules of engagement and that is to ask each person to have a younger man come to Church.

For the most part, the modern Church commits a failure in telling others that we have the answer for all of the sins and problems of mankind.

We should condition the Church to stop all of “feeding of the poor” – like the Government does. This dilutes our resources. Yes, I believe in feeding those who are hungry on a temporary basis but not on a permanent basis – unless the circumstances demands it.

Our mindset is to attack bad men and then retreat. Such fallback, disobeys the Commandment of God. Jesus never told the apostles and disciples to retreat. When I go to the modern Protestant service, I feel deprived of any order to advance.

When we read about some noble character, we slowly absorb the good qualities of his character. When we read about Paul, the worries that he had, allowed him to become a part of us. Paul wrote from such a personal viewpoint, that reading about his life teaches us to fight. Paul knew that we are always at war.

The Bible is a book about war with Satan.

For the most part our battles are fought alone. Great heroes already know this.


In World War II, there was a German Stuka Pilot who did just that. He fought alone except for his gunnery man. This man was Hans-Ulrich Rudel. His record was as follows:

1. 2530 missions
2. 519 Russian trucks
3. A battle ship
4. A cruiser
5. A destroyer
6. 70 Landing Craft
7. 800 Vehicles
8. 180 Artillary Pieces
9. 9 Airplanes
10. Bridges


In our Christian life, we should move forward. Do not let weak leadership such as Obama, Clinton, or any politicians threaten us so that fear is a part of our spirit. In II Timothy 4:7, it is clearly stated by Paul.

“I have fought a good fight,
I have finished my course,
I have kept the faith.”



⦁ Know the Bible
⦁ Learn the art of Christian war.
⦁ Except the fact that we are in a Spiritual War.

God Bless Our Republic.




“Give of your best to the Master,
Give of the strength of your youth.
Throw our soul’s fresh glowing ardor,
Into the battle for truth.

Jesus has set the example,
Dauntless was He, young and brave;
Give Him your loyal devotion;
Give Him the best that you have.


Give of your best to the Master:
Give of the strength of your youth.
Clad in salvation’s full armor,
Join in the battle for truth.

Give of your best to the Master;
Give Him first place in your heart.
Give Him first place in your service;
Consecrate every part.

Give, and to you will be given;
God his beloved Son gave.
Gratefully seeking to serve Him,
Give Him the best that you have.

Give of your best to the Master;
Naught else is worthy His love.
He gave Himself for your ransom,
Gave up His glory above.

Laid down His life without murmur,
You from sin’s ruin to save.
Give Him your heart’s adoration;
Give Him the best that you have.”


Gerald K. Fugit
412 N. Texas
Odessa, Texas 79761
March 11, 2018


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