Watch Ambition

“Thus God rendered the wickedness of Abimelech,
which he did unto his father, in slaying his seventy
brethren.” Judges 9:56.

Ambition can be and often is a dangerous desire upon not only the person who is ambitious but also those who follow the person who is ambitious. . In Holy Scripture, people who accomplish great feats are seldom ambitious for that position.

When we read from the Old Testament it seems there were but two men who desired to do what they felt was within their power to accomplish two tremendous feats. First was Ezra. It was Ezra who saw the need for action to rebuild the temple. Also Cyrus the king felt pressure from heaven to act. Ezra 1:5, gives a glimpse of all that took place in faraway Persia.

“Then rose up the chief of the fathers of Judah
and Benjamin, and the priests, and the Levites,
with all them whose spirit God had raised, to go
up to build the house of the Lord which is in Jerusalem.”

From what is found in the book of Ezra there was the desire to go to Jerusalem. From the reading of this book Ezra was a volunteer.

The second volunteer was Nehemiah, who lived at the time Ezra. The task of Nehemiah was to rebuild the wall around the Holy City of Jerusalem. Some had come to Nehemiah and reviewed what a terrible condition was the security since there was no wall to keep out intruders, bandits and thieves.

In Nehemiah 1:4-6, gives to the reader the glimpse of what happened to the Jews.

“And it came to pass, when I heard these words
that I sat down and wept, and mourned certain days,
and fasted and prayed before the God of Heaven
And said, I beseech thee, O Lord God of heaven, the
great and terrible God, that keepeth covenant and
mercy for them that love him and observe his
Let thine ear now be attentive, and thine eyes open,
that thou mayest hear the prayer of thy servant, which
I pray before thee now, day and night, for the children
of Israel thy servants, and confess the sins of the children
of Israel, which we have sinned against thee: both I and
my father’s house have sinned.”

It was Nehemiah who volunteered to go back to the Holy City. He went with an entourage of Jews back to their homeland to see the ruins.

The reason these two men are mentioned is to illustrate volunteers were few and far between. In fact, most of the great leaders were chosen by God – then the performance of greatness came forth. Here is a partial list of people who were chosen first before their great tasks:

• Abram,
• Jacob,
• Joseph,
• Samson,
• Jephthah,
• Samuel,
• David, and
• Jeremiah.
These are only a small number which illustrate this point. One should merely read the history of the United States to see the mess the Presidential volunteers did for us and to us.

Theodore Roosevelt – he gave us the war power,
• Woodrow Wilson – he gave us WWI,
• Franklin Roosevelt – he gave us WWII,
• Dwight Eisenhower – he gave us Vietnam,
• Richard Nixon – he opened up trade with China,
• Jimmy Carter – he made an enemy of Iran (Persia),
• George H.W Bush – he attacked Iraqi,
• George Bush – he attacked Iraqi when no valid reason was even found, and
• Obama – he gave us rebellion in the Arab nations of North Africa.

All of these were volunteers with an enormous ego which were overflowing with ambition. Other illustrations could be set out but these men are merely people who brought disaster upon the United States.

What has been shown above are mere starting points that we should be careful in listening to volunteers. We could name foreign internationals who brought sorrow to their people also:

• Mao,
• Hitler, and
• Pol Pat, and
• South America has had many.

The rule is that we must look at backgrounds of those who offer their services for the benefit of each one of us and the great mass of people. The benefits often are few and far between.

Now it is obvious that few people will accept the postulate that is being set out in this blog. Your author is convinced that it is true.

God can and will use the right person for truth to prevail.


In Judges 8:23, we are told that Gideon had no desire to be king.

“And Gideon said unto them, I will not rule over you,
neither shall my son rule over you: The Lord shall rule
over you.”

This was not so with his son Abimelech who wanted to be a ruler. From henceforth it was trouble, trouble and more trouble for Israel. Israel was in rebellion over a man who took upon his self to be a leader – not chosen by God but a volunteer.

In a region or city, it started when a man we know as God commanded to speak openly against Abimelech. Word was delivered to Abimelech that rebellion was starting. Talk was commenced for a rebellion in the city of Shechem.

It is true when a rebellion starts blood will be spilled. In the United States, it appears a rebellion has started by the fomenting rebellion from the blacks. This has taken place also in Chicago, Illinois. Murder is common.

In this case Abimelech won against the rebels. Judges 9:41, tells us this story.

“And Abimelech dwelt at Arumah: and Zebul thrust
out Ga’al and his brethren, that they should not
dwell in Shechem.”

This violence was accomplished by fire which is a common element in a rebellion. Judges 9:48-49. tells some of the detail.

“And Abimelech gat him up to mount Zalmon, he
and all the people that were with him; and
Abimelech took an axe in his hand, and cut
down a bough from the trees, and took it, and lay
it on his shoulder, and said unto the people that
were with him, what ye have seen me do, make haste
and do as I have done.
And all the people likewise cut down every man his
bough, and followed Abimelech, and put them to the
hold, and set the hold on fire upon them; so that all
the men of the tower of Shechem died also, about a
thousand men and women.”



As you watch how men react the patterns of the old are still present in our society. Kill and burn. These are still common in any rebellion.

There was another region or city which Abimelech felt compelled to subdue. The desire is always take more by those who have an appetite for rebellion suppression. You see fear is a very dominant factor in the life of any volunteer. This is the reason that empires never have enough land and wealth. This has been true of all known empires. These can easily be researched in the following empires:

• Babylon,
• Assyria,
• Israel,
• Spain,
• France,
• Great Britain, and
• United States.

Now today comes the infidels who call themselves muslims. There murders have a sordid history of bloodletting. There is a blessing for all of us that the marxist muslim leaning progressive who hides behind a wall and guns for protection will be gone in January 2017. This remark is written for the sake of the good of Christians and little people of this Republic who have endured him.

We Christians must read the Bible to see the obvious patterns of our times as well of the past. Not many differences can be observed.

A woman cast a stone down from a tower which struck his head. Judges 9:53-55, tells us what happened.

“And a certain woman cast a piece of a millstone
upon Abimelech’s head, and all to break his skull.
Then he called hastily unto the young man his
Armourbearer, and said unto him, draw thy sword,
and slay me, that men say not of me, A woman
slew him. And his young man thrust him through,
and he died.
And when the men of Israel saw that Abimelec
was dead, they departed every man unto his place.”

Abimelech had death coming. Death was deserved. He commanded another to kill him.


The half-brother of Abimelech had told people what was going to take place if he were allowed to start out as a king who had volunteered for this position. It was done through a story by Jotham who then had to flee for his life as told to us by Judges 9:15,21.

“And the bramble said unto the trees, if in trust
ye anoint me king over you, then come and put
your trust in my shadow: and if not, let fire come
out of the bramble and devour the cedars of
And Jotham ran away, and fled, and went to beer,
and dwelt there, for fear of Abimelech his brother.”

The prophets were always persecuted by the leadership. Jotham was certainly no exception to this fact. The Old Testament gives illustration of this fact. One should read the book of Jeremiah; it is a sad tale of what happens to people who tell rulers what will happen unless there is a restoration of the fundamentals of God’s law.

It is similar what happens to the alcoholic who has used alcohol for years. He or she can reform but the physical damage is always there. There can be a mental change but the physical destruction will be permanent.

This is the way it is with moral destruction but the sin has already played havoc. The prophets kept telling the population about future events that would not be pleasant.

We are seeing similar events happening to us. There are two candidates for the Presidency which are seeking office. Horrible conflict will come from either one if elected.

Listen what each says. The defense of the nation may increase in cost. As a supposed prophet without any credential it seems more wars are in store for this nation. Look at the leaders to be.



As a Christian it is always my desire to read the Holy Scripture then ask myself what is this teaching me? Here are some areas which can be gleaned from Judges 9:30, 57.

1. Look carefully when someone volunteers for a position of power.
2. Has this person been chosen?
3. Watch their actions once assuming power.
4. Never accept words as being true but look for the real motive of the volunteer.

There is an Alpha and Omega for people as well as for nations.




“Sound the battle cry!
See, the foe is nigh;
Raise the standard high for the Lord;
Gird your armor on,
Stand firm, every one;
Rest your cause upon His holy Word.

Rouse, then, soldiers, rally round the banner,
Ready, steady, pass the word along;
Onward, forward, shout aloud, Hosanna!
Christ is Captain of the mighty throng.

Strong to meet the foe,
Marching on we go,
While our cause we know, must prevail;
Shield and banner bright,
Gleaming in the light;
Battling for the right we ne’er can fail.

O! Thou God of all,
Hear us when we call,
Help us one and all by Thy grace;
When the battle’s done,
And the vict’ry’s won,
May we wear the crown before Thy face.”



August 28, 2016

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