What Are The Numbers?

We have taught that the way to change some program or a culture is to have a vote. This is supposedly the democratic way. Our schools have taught this. Our churches have embraced the idea that the masses decide an issue. The election process over years for the presidency hammers away at this theme. Vote! Vote! Vote!

The criteria is the people decide issues by counting the votes. In the final analysis this could be correct. However, the reality is that before a vote is ever taken the result has been determined.

Recently there were three college professors at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute that set forth what has been known in our subliminal mind. Through a series of tests and polls it was shown that when 10% of the members and or population holds to a view with conviction it will be accepted by the majority.

Before the vote is ever taken if only 10% grasp an idea finally it will come about.

The key to the change happens when this committed minority makes its mind to act. Truthfully most people like to come to a consensus of opinion. That is what the majority wants; supposedly then everybody gets a little what they desire.

Remember when one deals with the majority they are wrong. The coming election is based upon the majority.

Do not let the following rule be your life. The majority are always right.


The politicians did not understand this until a man by the name of Richard Viguerre was able to persuade 12,500 to give to Barry Goldwater $50 apiece. Lyndon Johnson won but the stage was set for transformation of the future.

It has been suggested this was one of the reasons Ronald Reagan won in 1980.

Jerry Falwell used this approach when he launched the Silent Majority. Really it was the silent minority that made the change.

The key to change our dysfunctional culture is to grasp the idea we must persuade the 10% who are committed. This could change.

  • Obama to produce his birth certificate
  • Stop abortion
  • Remove us from the United Nations
  • Obliterate the Federal Reserve –
  • Stop dealing with Saudi Arabia –
  • Fine companies who trade with our future enemy China –
  • Prosecute the Wall Street Bandits –
  • Demand the Attorney General resign for what he did in the Fast and Furious gun running –
  • Destroy the Welfare System
  • You can name others I am sure

Remember it is never enough that the majority thinks a change should happen but there must be the conviction of the 10% that make the change possible.

Yes, one person can make a huge difference in the variation of the status quo. There must be followers.


Noah tried to change the wickedness of his generation. He failed. Then only 8 people were saved when the world deluge of water came. See Genesis 6:5-8.

It became necessary for Moses to convince the people in bondage of the necessity by miracles directed by God. This did not happen at once, but took time. The full story of the exodus can be found in Exodus chapters 4-14.

Although two men tried to convince the Hebrews they could overtake the inhabitants of the Promised Land the people moaned and cried out in despair. These men were Joshua and Caleb. See Numbers 13:30.

The Book of Judges is replete with successes and failures of the Judges of Israel.

The most remembered story of the minority who were committed to the task of destroying a vast army of the Midianites was Gideons 300 men. It was a victory few people could believe. See Judges 7:16

We could go through others such as Deborah and Barack As well as Japhetha who was a judge, and a bastard, but a mighty man of valor.

The illustrations tell us that when there was a determined minority things changed.


When we examine the life of Christ in the beginning for two years, He had people who followed him. The main reason was he healed the sick. Then his teaching included feeding thousands. No wonder thousands came to listen to His words.

Yet, the people left Him when He hung on the cross. The Jewish leaders tried to scatter the believers since their hands were red with the Messiahs blood.

Even the Apostles hid from sight until the day of Pentecost had come. Then the 120 jumped into action. See Acts 2:1

The living church depends upon the minority to move society and the followers of the New Testament Church.

As for as we know Paul never converted thousands of heathen. It was the minority who were convinced by his work. This is the man who caused the evangelism of Europe. This is the man who loosed women from bondage.


As Christians we are in the minority in this culture. Every social issue can be changed but it takes the 10% to do so. There are many people who think just like you. We of the New Testament belief know that certain standards must be told. There is a strong minority who want a change. Here are some guidelines.

  • Tell others of the way to change their lives Acts 2:38
  • No fear Matthew 8:26
  • Preach the gospel Romans 10:14
  • Reward – Revelation 22:14
  • Time on earth Psalm 103:15-16

“Then fancies fly away,

He’ll fear not what men say;

Hell labor night and day

To be a pilgrim.”


Paul Tertius


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