Where Are The Watchmen?

“Son of man, I have made thee a watchmen
unto the house of Israel; therefore hear
the word at my mouth, and give them
warning from me.”                                                           Ezekiel 3:17

“So thou O sons of man, I have set thee a
watchman unto the house of Israel;
therefore thou shalt hear the word at
my mouth, and warn them from me.”                     Ezekiel 33:7


In ancient times cities had men who stood on the wall to watch for enemies.  Then some cities built high towers where a person could look over a large area to see if another army was approaching.

Ezekiel was telling the Jews who were in captivity that in Babylon the reason for their trouble was those who were suppose to work as watchmen did not act.  Trouble would come unless the leaders spoke out.  The watchmen were the priests scribe and prophets before the time of the invasion of Judah and ultimately in their slavery in what today is Iraq and Iran.

It was revealed to the prisoners in Babylon the captivity came as a result that the leadership had gone amuck.  This deterioration had not happened quickly but gradually over several years.  The attitude had been that since God had given sanctuary  in the past He would not change His mind.  The leadership had not been stable.  There would be a righteous king then an unrighteous monarch.

Actually what had happened was one step forward and two steps back.  What I have written is very simplistic but it is correct.

What you could do is to read I and II Kings or I and II Chronicles.  This would take about 4 hours total but then the true picture could be seen.

The basis of the Jewish culture has been in the past and is even today observing the moral principles of the Ten Commandments also.

For any idea or civilization to prosper there must be a leader who stands up for an idea.  There is no exception to this.



The man who is called the President now has brought disrespect to the office.  In the beginning the watchmen on the wall would not investigate his birthplace only because he was black, thus he should be accepted.

There was no investigation of his schooling at Harvard University.  No adequate reason could ever be explained.

The most troubling episodes were his association of two characters – Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright.  Ayers wife is a murderer who was let out on a technicality.  The daughter of Jeremiah Wright was been convicted of a Federal crime.  The President associated with low life men.  The watchmen never raised any issue of these situations.

Those around the commander in chief are of the same caliber.  All of this led up to the present situation of government.  Theft, fraud and covenant breakers.



It is common to think that all has past about people who stood on the wall.  Let me now tell a true story about someone who made American history.

On June 16, 1775, Armand Langdon, president of Harvard University led a group of men in prayer for the task that soon would be faced by these men.  His prayer in part was:

“O may our camp be free from every accused thing: May our
land be purged from all its sins! May we truly be a holy people
and all our towns, cities of righteousness.”

The British General Gage brought 2,200 soldiers to Boston.  The British soldiers advanced toward the patriot’s stronghold.  The patriot commander Prescott told his men not to fire on the British soldiers until “Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes.”

Afterwards a corporal Amos Farnsworth from Massachusetts wrote about the American victory. He wrote:

“God in His mercy to us, fought our battle for us, and although we were but few…”

A man on the wall prayed.  A commander stood on the wall.

Another story of men who stood on the wall for freedom is one that every Texan enjoys reliving.  It is the story that happened in San Antonio, Texas at the Alamo.

A group under the leadership of William Travis was encouraged in this small Texas village.  The fort was at the Alamo.  The dictator Santa Anna from Mexico had come to rid Texas from those protestant settlers from the north.  The slaughter of Goliad had happened Santa Anna now moved against San Antonio. The numbers were against William Travis’s forces.  He was joined by Bowie and Crockett.

Travis called out the garrison and said anyone who wanted to leave could.  The men stayed.  All were killed by the tyrant.

These men stayed on the wall knowing death would come.  It did.

In the United States military there is an award made to a person who goes beyond the normal expectations of duty.  This citation for bravery is termed the Medal of Honor.  Those who receive such are a unique group of men.

Often times few people know who has stood on the wall for a cause.  In the late 1940’s or early 1950 my father was the pastor of the First Christian Church in Odessa, Texas.  The State Secretary of the Disciples of Christ in Texas paid a visit to him.  He was told by the Disciples of Christ group he was so conservative.  He was a supporter of Vernon Newland who founded Dallas Christian College.  Basically this should stop.  It was in competition to the State organization.  He refused.  He was fired.

My father stood on the wall against liberalism.  I walked in as the visitor was leaving and my father told me what had just taken place.



All around us today are opportunities to stand on the wall and then to shout problems are coming.

Economically there are people who are vocal in their outcries.

The United States is troubled by the enormous debt.  There is a man who is speaking out.  His name is Ron Paul.  His son is of the same caliber.  His name is Rand Paul.

There are others also.  Socially the field is wide open.  There should be a voice that can sum up the issues..  Where is the one voice in opposition to teach the following:

  • Abortion
  • Corruption in government
  • Judicial reform
  • Poisons of food supply
  • Corporate favoritism
  • Ceasing of empire building
  • Exposing the IRS


The reason for lack of a watchman is the personal attack will descend upon the person who starts to call attention to the sin and culture problem.  It seems there is such a desire not to be noticed by those in authority. The immediate word that comes to the mind is “fear”.  One trait that evil has and it is transparency of the sin eventually causes reform.

Slavery is an example.  People ridiculed it.  Legislatures reacted with stiff legislation.  Yet slavery still existed.



The writers and prophets of the Old Testament directed their remarks to the nation.  The thrust of their message was to preserve, protect and prosper the nation of Judah and yes of Israel.

The New Testament has a different concept.  It was and is the individual.  Yes, Jesus preached to the house of Israel but He was illustrating his parables and healings and teachings about persons.  This is easily seen from Matthew and the other Gospel writers.

This is not the first time that I have written about this matter.  It is a serious concern of my people.  There are some steps you can take to be a watchman.

First, acquire a Bible that has a concordance with the Scripture..

Second, keep this Bible at hand always.

Third, read a chapter a day at a set time.  Make it a habit.

Fourth, let your family know what you are reading.

Fifth, commence reading in the book of Matthew.  Read through to Revelation.

Sixth, do not expect that all the answers to your problems will be found at first.

Seventh, ask God to allow you to be a watchman.



Gerald Fugit


April 27, 2014






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