Identical images of the same man - both with a face mask on.

Face Mask

“In him was life;
And the life was the light of men.
And the light shineth in darkness;
And the darkness comprehended it not.”
John 1:4-5.

We all wear a face mask. This is difficult to accept by each one of us. You can see evidence in the pattern of people. It is not restricted to women only, but men are pretenders also. Our children are taught this also.


Men will brag about their cars or other toys such as boats or possession of some type of fire arm. A car is for one reason and that is to so from point A to point B. Yet some men like to show off a car as in a multitude of autos. How absurd such a collection. Then it is common for the male to brag about past exploits in athletics. There is a word which is used to describe those who have self-love. The word is narcissism.

Two large groups who are narcissistic – the politicians and those who are in television or the movies. Humility cannot be accepted by these people.


I think these self-indulged people must carry a mirror with them, so their mental state can be reinforced constantly.


Women have the same self-imposed disease but theirs is from a different mental state. The female sex likes to dress up their bodies in a way that other women will agree that such and such person is very stylish. Shoes, purses, and pants come within that bracket. One of the silliest ideas now is wearing blue jeans torn around the thighs. Trying to understand this is impossible to comprehend. Why would any person desire to put on ripped blue jeans? Several times your author has asked a woman who has these on, but the answer is always a blank stare, or a remark that everyone wears them. How can anyone discuss this?


Styles change rapidly. My wife had a dress store for 13 or 14 years and once a year I would go with her to New York City to buy. She actually went 2 or 3 times a year and once was enough yearly. The sales people always told us about the latest in current fashion and vogue for women at that moment. Such matters of color, dress cuts, and shape were very important. When I went to the showrooms with her, I kept my mouth shut. This was a different league.


In our society, we have gone through a gut-wrenching mouth-beating for over two years by the Democratic politicians. The constant drum-beating by the far left is enough to cause a sane person to wonder if these evil progressives, socialist, liberals have any sense. Surely, they do not have to destroy this nation. Here are some of the mentally deranged ideas accepted:

  • Remove the oil and gas industry.
  • No more comfortable engines.
  • All education to be free,
  • Climate change is a fact.
  • Guaranteed income, and
  • Open borders.

None of these socialist ideas have ever worked in any society – EVER – and they will not work now.


This type of thinking has been pushed by socialist and communist which the Democratic Party has become. These ideas have always been embraced the following:

  • Death for older people.
  • Shortage of food,
  • Restrictions of speech,
  • No guns or arms,
  • Governed by the few,
  • Heavy taxation and
  • Economic slow growth. 

The political system has endorsed this type of theft. The politician clamor for this in such places as:

  • New York City,
  • Massachusetts State,
  • Washington State,
  • Vermont State,
  • Oregon State,
  • California State,
  • Colorado State.

Besides the states listed above there are cities that have seen to it that the socialist ideas are put out. Generally, this happens if that metroplex has a high percentage of blacks. The Federal government has taught this race they are really the slaves to the Democratic Party. Black males hold to the idea they don’t need to work, – not all but – many believe this.

These politicians always claim these ideas will work. Never trust any politician. These people have a different agenda than Christians.


It is a huge temptation for us to predict what the future holds for us. Yet, we can foretell the coming times with the past.

It seems one of the events will be when more and more socialism will dominate our nation. One of the reasons will be fewer and fewer Christians will proclaim Jesus Christ. The result will be a change in the procedure of our society. When Christianity is removed from the culture then evil will become the dominant force.

As always, Christians will feel the sting of persecution by non-christians, persecution by other religious groups and by such demonic people such as the muslims. Then, socialism will be a painful destructive force against we believers. History always teaches this.


Identical images of the same man - both with a face mask on. Life is full of fake people. Think twice before trusting them.


These are prophetic generations. Your author cannot tell you when, where, and why, or who will lead the devils brigade. Your author knows what is going to happen. The millennials have been instructed that capitalism has little or no rendering value.


They believe that free trade, free market, and liberty must be removed from our reasoning. This is why regulations are loved by the huge corporations.

These huge commercial demons try to suppress the small businesses. It is estimated that there are over 300,000 statutes. There are so many regulations that they cannot be counted.



Jesus went to a small village outside of Jerusalem when a woman was working his feet and put perfume on them. He was preparing for his own death. She was not doing a false act. Read John 12:1-3.

“Then Jesus six days before the Passover came to Bethany, where Lazarus was which has been dead, whom he raised from the dead. There they made him a supper; and Martha served; but Lazarus was one of them that sat at the table with him. Then took Mary a pound of ointment of spikenard, very costly, and anointed the feet of Jesus, and wiped his feet with her hair: and the house was filled with the odour of the ointment.”



The upper room was where the disciples met for the Passover meal. Jesus gave an illustration what it meant to be a servant. The followers did not understand. Read John 13:1-5. 

“Now before the feast of the Passover, when Jesus knew that his hour was come that he should depart out of his world unto the father, having loved his own which were in the world, he loved them until the end. And supper being ended, the devil having now put into his hands, and that he was come from God, and went to God. Jesus knowing that the Father had given all things into his hands, and that he was come from God, and went to God; He riseth from supper, and laid aside his garments; and took a towel and girded himself. After that he poureth water into a bason, and began to wash the disciples feet, and to wipe them with the towel wherewith he was girded.”


The liar Judas betrayed the Son of God for 30 pieces of silver. He came to arrest Jesus with a mob. He had been with Christ for three years. Now this man wore a false face. Read John 18:1-3.

“When Jesus had spoken these words, he went forth with his disciples over the brook of Ce’dron, where was a garden, into the which he entered and his disciples. And Judas also, which betrayed him, knew the place: for Jesus often, times resorted tither with his disciples. Judas then, having received a band of men and officers from the chief priests, and Pharisees, cometh thither with lanterns and torches and weapons.”


Then the Roman governor showed his power when he turned Jesus over to a yelling, screaming, excited group. Roman justice under Pontius Pilate was a fraud. Read John 18:33. A false prophet.

“Then Pilate entered into the judgment hall again, and called Jesus, and said unto him, Art thou the Kings of the Jews?”


As always, the world results to violence to destroy the truth. Christ was abused for no valid reason. The world hates truth, yes even today. When possible brutalize the messages of peace. Another false face. Read John 19:1-3.
“Then Pilate therefore took Jesus, and scourged him. And the soldiers platted a crown of thorns, and put it on his head, and they put it on his head, and they put on him a purple robe. And said, Hail, King of the Jews! And they smote him with their hands.”


All the good this man did still now he was to be put on the cross. The religious leaders scoffed him. Read John 19:17-19.  All this with a false face.

“And he bearing his cross went forth into a place called the place of a skull, which is called in the Hebrew Golgotha. Where they sacrificed him, and two others with him, on either side, and Jesus in the midst. And Pilate wrote a title and put it on the cross. And the writing was, ‘JESUS OF NAZARETH THE KING OF THE JEWS.’”


The supposed final resting place of his body was a new tomb. It was a false event. Read John 19-38-42.

“And after this Joseph of Arimathea, being a disciple of Jesus, but secretly for fear of the Jews, besought Pilate that he might take away the body of Jesus : and Pilate gave him leave. He came therefore and took the body of Jesus. And there came also Nicodemus, which at the first came to Jesus at night, and brought a mixture of myrrh and aloes, about an hundred pound weight. Then took they the body of Jesus, and wound it in linen clothes with the spices, as the manner of the Jews is to bury. Now in the place where he was crucified there was a garden; and in the garden a new sepulcher, wherein never a man yet laid. There laid they Jesus therefore because of the Jews’ preparation day: for the sepulcher was nigh at hand.”  


The light was foretold in John 1:4-5.

“And these things write we unto you, that your joy may be full. This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light and in him is no darkness at all.”


There is no other light but Jesus – Read John 20:29.

“Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.”



  1. Jesus always was the same.
  2. Watch what He said.
  3. You – too, must always be the same.
  4. Influencers of the world create a false face.



“We’ve a story to tell to the nations,

That shall turn their hearts to the right,

A story of truth and mercy,

A story of peace and light,

A story of peace and light.


For the darkness shall turn to dawning,

And the dawning to noonday bright,

And Christ’s great kingdom shall come on earth,
The kingdom of love and light.


We’ve a song to be sung to the nations,

That shall lift their hearts to the Lord,

A song that shall conquer evil

And shatter the spear and sword,

And shatter the spear and sword.


We’ve a message to give to the nations,
That the Lord who reigneth above

Has sent us His Son to save us,

And show us that God is love,

And show us that God is love.



We’ve a Savior to show to the nations,

Who the path of sorrow has trod,

That all of the world’s great peoples

May come to the truth of God,

May come to the truth of God.


God bless our Republic.





Gerald K Fugit
412 N Texas Ave
Odessa, TX  79761




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