God casts the bad angels out of heaven.

Know The Enemy

“Wherein ye greatly rejoice,
Though now for a season, if need be,
Ye are in heaviness through manifold
I Peter 1:6.

The most modern of Christians do not know who the enemy is. Yes, we have heard people remark about that satan is the Enemy. However, there is now been a study of this evil spirit. We Christians sometimes will speak about our enemy – this monster. Jesus understood what he was coming up against. The struggle continues with our evil enemy – even to this very day.

What has to happen is that we must scout the demons of satan’s forces so that at times we have knowledge what has been stirred up by Satan.

Recently I came across an article by Arthur Robinson, the scientist from Oregon. What was written by this man also worked well for Mao, the former Communist leader of China. We have nothing in the English language that compares with this remark. Here is the title: “Dry the grass”, Wait for a Wind and Start a Fire”.

Because we view the nation of China as a Communist country, we may never understand this remark. China today has called itself a Communist nation. Actually it is a Marxist nation since Communism has been shown to not be plausible. The last state they had Communism was the Soviet Union and they collapsed in 1991.

This remark by Mao was to watch and wait to see how your enemies react in a given situation. When the grass is dry – set the fire to a blaze and destroy your enemies. When the enemy shows weakness – light a fire so he is destroyed.

Jesus used this ploy himself, In fact, he did It by mental destruction. The Son of God would ask questions when asked a question.

Matthew 21:23,25, is an example of this.

“And when he was come into
The temple, the chief priests and the
Elders of the people came unto him
As he was teaching and said, by
What authority doesn’t thou these
Things? And who gave thee this

“The baptism of John, whence
Was it? From heaven, or of men? And
They reasoned with themselves,
Saying, if we shall say from heaven; He
Will say unto us, why did ye not
Then believe him?”

Jesus knew who his enemies were. We suggest that you understand what brings you problems – but, that IS hard to know.

In the words of Mao, the Communist: “Dry the grass”, “Wait for the wind” and “Light a fire”. This is a strong act of evil. It will destroy itself if we understand how to attack the actions of satan. In recent weeks, we see this played out again and again.

Look at those older men who have been touching young women. When women heard what had happened to other women – they used the Internet to bring down those perverts.

It’s great to see them removed! Reportedly, the Media, Congress and Showbusiness have been the major places where they’ve run amuck. Modern Christians are so lazy or afraid they seldom act out against evil.

At every turn in our daily lives – we must set the grass on fire when we see or hear evil.


God casts the bad angels out of heaven.

Saint Michael the Archangel – 1708, by Melchor Pérez Holguín


The way that satan attacks each one of us by putting temptation in front of us. First, the evil one puts in our path what the Bible tries to stop us from temptation. There is a display before us a path that we could step into. Jesus said for us when we pray to ask God not “To lead us into temptation”. God knows that we are weak when sin is placed before each of us.

The next step that happens after temptation, is that we act upon or embrace the attraction. We all have gone through this. This has a name – it is succumbing. The sin begins inside us.


For some unknown reason, this generation does not understand the necessity of attending the worship of God each week. Look around you on any given Sunday morning and you can see the evidence of not participating in the Communion of the Fellowship of fellow believers.

The cars, pickups, and suv’s are sitting in the driveway between 8:00AM to 12:00 noon and there is very little traffic on the city streets. Whereas, it used to be people read the newspaper – now it’s the internet which attracts our attentions. The fact about both the internet and newspaper is we cannot remember a day or two later what was read.

The ancient Jews were told to come to the place of worship at specific times. This is one of the Ten Commandments as found in Exodus 20:11.

“For in six days the Lord made
Heaven and earth, the sea and all
That in is them.
He rested the Seventh day: wherefore the Lord
Blessed the sabbath day, and
Hallowed it.”

This was done often for the special days during each year. In Exodus 23:16-17, a command for attendance was demanded.

“And the feast of harvest, the
firstfruits of they labours, which thou
Hast sown in the field: and the feast
Of ingathering, which is the end of
The year, when thou hast gathered
In thy labours out of the field.
Three times in the year all thy
Males shall appear before the Lord

The New Testament tells us in Acts 20:7, that Christians met often.

“And upon the first day of the
Week, when the disciples came
Together to break bread, Paul
Preached unto them, ready to depart
On the morrow and continued his
Speech until midnight.”

Now, since the Resurrection of Christ, the Christian Church has met to pray, break bread and hear preaching on Sunday mornings. This is an example for us.

It is a sin when we do not worship the Creator!

It is our obligation to attend with the Assembly of believers. Hebrews 10:25, states this very clearly.

“Not forsaking the assembling
Of ourselves together, as the manner
Of some is; but exhorting one
Another and so much the more, as ye
See the day approaching.”

There is one day a week which we are to meet together as a Body. It is a sin if we do not attend.


It is a sin the way Christians eat. It is not so much we need most of the food we put in our bodies. The problem is what we eat and the amount taken into our bodies. The next time you are at the grocery store, an airport or even Church services look and see the number of fat people. Then you will observe the big butted women and huge men’s stomachs. It has become a tremendous sickness.

It is sin the way we gorge ourselves. In Numbers 6:3, states how we should feed our bodies.

“He shall separate himself from
Wine and strong drink, and shall
Drink no vinegar of wine, or vinegar
Of strong drink, neither shall he
Drink any liquor of grapes, nor eat
Moist grapes, or dried.”

Then the book of Leviticus 11, states what these Jews were allowed to eat. Leviticus 11:2, sets out the chapter on eating.

“Speak unto the children of Israel
Saying these are the beasts
Which ye shall eat among all the
Beasts that are on the earth.”

You are encouraged to read all of this chapter. It will be a good education. You must have wondered why we have the epidemic of the following:

⦁ Cancer
⦁ Arthritis
⦁ Parkinson’s disease
⦁ Alzheimer’s
⦁ Dementia
⦁ Lupus

To believe that these diseases come from genetics is absurd. The cause of it all is in what we eat.

The New Testament uses one word to put the blame on. It is the word glutton. Luke 7:34, tells us that even in the time of Christ you were ridiculed if a gluttonous person. In this season of the year do not over eat. It is an outward sin. Our food supply is so plentiful that it is a sin to shovel into your mouth enormous amounts of food.

“The son of man is come eating
And drinking; and ye say, behold a
Gluttonous man, and a winebibber, a
Friend of publicans and sinners.”

There is a group of people in the United States who are examples for some. They are the Amish of Pennsylvania and Ohio. Their disease epidemics are far less than the average population. You decide. It is your body. Eating has become a sin because of what we put into our mouths.

OTHER gods

One can look around and easily see that the United States has adopted other gods other than Jehovah, Our Lord.

What has been happening is that this culture has allowed humanism to creep into our life as a nation. For this example, one should only look at the public schools. For over fifty years progressive attitudes have been the dominant force. The school system does not have Prayer. They also don’t teach the fundamentals of right and wrong – which are found in Holy Scripture.

When children are not taught the difference between the ways of the world and Godly principles – then disasters will happen.

This is not the fault of the teachers. But the blame can and should be lain at the University level. What this brings about is the blame is placed upon the instructors of the education process. Have you noticed the crazy ideas which are exposed by the instructors? Have you noticed the following?

⦁ Students screaming at the sky,
⦁ Nicknames of women snowflakes,
⦁ Preference of Marxism over Capitalism,
⦁ Free University training,
⦁ Free Medical, and
⦁ Grants for ridiculous projects.

When the Bible is examined, I do not find one single verse that indicates that everything special should be given to us personally. This would bring about a race of people who are worthless. The illustration which Jesus gave in the parables never sets out that a Government is there to care for us.

In the five books of Moses, the fact of government control is never ever approved. The promised land was just this – a promise these Jews had to conquer the land from the pagans. Once taken – they had to work hard to keep it.

There was a time when the Jews wanted a government. Samuel said no as to a king thus government. I Samuel 8:7, this can be read:

“And the Lord said unto Samuel,
Hearken unto the voice of the
People in all that they say unto thee: for
They have not rejected thee, but
They have rejected me, that I should
Not reign over them.”

What this meant was more taxes and the children would be used by the king. From then on WAR was a common fact.

It is a sin for us to replace God with any government. Have little to do with any government.



Stay clear of any sin
⦁ Recognize food can be a sin
⦁ Keep the assembling of Christians
⦁ Stay clear of any government.

God Bless Our Republic.




“Yield not to temptation, for yielding is sin
Each victory will help you or some others to win
Fight manfully onward, dark passions subdue
Look ever to Jesus and He’ll carry you through.

Just ask the Savior to help you
To comfort, strengthen and keep you
He is willing to aid you
And He will carry you through.

Ask the Savior to help you
To comfort, strengthen and heal you
Oh, He is willing to aid you
Jesus will carry you through.

Shun evil companions, bad language disdain
God’s name hold in reverence, don’t take it in vain
Be thoughtful and honest, kindhearted and true
Look ever to Jesus, He’ll carry you through.

Oh, ask the Savior to help you
To comfort, strengthen and keep you
Oh, He is willing to aid you
Jesus, He will carry you through.

All I wanna do is ask the Savior to help you
Comfort, strengthen and keep you
He is willing to aid you
And He will carry you through.

I wanna just ask the Savior to help you
To comfort, strengthen and keep you
He is willing to aid you
He will carry you through.”


Gerald K. Fugit
December 17, 2017

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