We must do something to resolve our mistakes.


“And he walked in all the sins of his father,
Which he had done before him.
And his heart was not perfect with the LORD, His God,
As the heart of David his father.
Nevertheless, for David’s sake did the LORD, His God
Give him a lamp in Jerusalem,
To set up his son after him, and to establish Jerusalem.”
I Kings 12:3-4.

All mistakes have an impact upon our lives. Some have little or no known impact upon us. Then there are the blunders which are far reaching impact upon our life. Some errors are never erased from out body, mind, and spirit.


In history, Japan made a costly blunder when this powerful nation attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. The Japanese admiral Yamamoto who planned the act of war decided that he had to sink and cripple the American battleship fleet. This would be a blow the United States could not recover from. The West Coast of the United States would be vulnerable.


What this genius did not understand was the dominant power was not our battleships, but our aircraft carriers. The battleship could throw a shell 20 or 25 miles.  The aircraft carrier can haul a plane 100 to 150 miles out.

The aircraft carriers stationed at Pearl Harbor were out and away from Hawaii. The battleships were anchored at Pearl Harbor. The battleships were out of commission. The carriers were ready for the fight.


This false idea to sink the battleships was a strategic miscalculation. Later on at Midway, the U.S. carriers defeated the Japanese fleet. The admiral had made a wrong choice.


Adolf Hitler made three mistakes that cost him the war.


First, he could have annihilated the British Army when they were in a pocket attempting to go back to England after the defeat in France. Second, when the division of allied forces landed in June 1944, his reserves were not sent into battle against the United States forces. Third, he fought on two fronts and divided his forces. Those were big mistakes!


The North Koreans allowed MacArthur storm the shores at Incheon with only a small force, which cut off their supplies. Mistake!

Truman said no to MacArthur to use the atomic bomb at the Yalu River to halt the Chinese. Mistake!

In Vietnam, the United States forces were told not to enter North Vietnam. Mistake!

When Robert E. Lee commanded the forces at Gettysburg, he commanded them to charge across the wheat field.  Mistake!

Obama gave billions of dollars to the Muslim mullah. It was used against our interests. Mistake!


When Muslims were permitted to enter the following nations, it was destructive to Western Culture. These nations are United States, Great Britain, Germany, France, and Sweden. The Muslim people are taught to hate Christianity and Western Culture. Watch how these barbarians act. Murder is a way of life to them. Mistake!



There has been an attempt to endorse Socialism in our nation. This has percolated the entire nation. Many people in power have endorsed socialism.


When Woodrow Wilson was President, he signed a bill allowing the Federal Reserve to be created. From that time forward inflation has become a dominant power in our society. The money supply now has no gold for a standard. We are at the whim of bankers in this country and all of the foreign demons. Mistake!


Franklin D. Roosevelt said that he would keep this nation out of the war in Europe. But, in the background, he was plotting to bring us into that horrible mess. Then, this evil man brought us into the first stage of Socialism, when he endorsed Social Security and actually let it become mandatory. Mistake!


The various administrations were selling our products to the Soviet Union when we should have cut these communist monsters off from all supplies. At one time, they supplied wheat for much of Europe. Then the bankers loaned money to the Soviet Union to keep them existing. The Cold War went on for decades. Mistake!


For years the illegals were swarming into this country. The demographics allowed their disgusting morals and thought patterns to disrupt our morals. It helped to destroy our fundamental beliefs. A wall should have been constructed more than twenty-five years ago. Mistake!


The drug traffic has caused burdens we should not have to bear. Law enforcement has many problems. Morals are destroyed. Few people will speak out against it. The national politicians keep their mouths shut except to say they are against it. This, I doubt. Joe Biden’s son, Hunter could not stay in the Navy because he was a drug abuser. Mistake!


The lack of enforcement of the Federal laws is a joke that isn’t even funny. Several states and government entities openly allow the taxes on “pot” to finance the government. Mistake!


The last three years the elected President Donald Trump has been ridiculed openly by the media without any condemnation by the media. He won the election simply because Hillary Clinton did not understand the Electoral College. She was and is a progressive socialist, who is married to a sordid mess of a man. They like the fake news. Leave Trump alone. Mistake!


There are certain judges who should be removed from the bench because of their twisted poisonous ways. Some of these tyrants do not endorse the United States Constitution. Mistake!



There was a time in the past, that the public schools there was a moment for scripture reading, prayer, and the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States. From what I read in the media and written periodicals this no longer is allowed or done in the school system except in private institutions. Mistake!


In 1962, the Supreme Court of the United States in “Abington School District VS Schempp”, ruled to no longer Bible present. The deterioration began in earnest after that. The people no longer had a voice for God’s word to be heard by the masses. Mistake!


Discipline is a serious concern of the parents. Once upon a time, law enforcement was ever in the buildings of instruction.  Now a police car can be seen at all the junior and high schools. Guns are often reported in the backpack of students. Parents simply do not care much since schools are a babysitting institution. Mistake!


The ability of students to increase in knowledge is dropped from any statistics which are published.


To support this comment, all one needs to do is to Google what has occurred to public education. Math scores are down. The spending for bricks and mortar costs more and more. This can be a horrible result if not corrected. Mistake!


The Roman Catholic Churches are facing an onslaught of lawsuits for the abuse of children by their priests. This has brought about a lot of thinking because the priests are single. It is difficult to collect all the cases and the result in the combination. The Church will pay a huge price for the action of these priests. The Cardinals, Bishops, and the Pope refuse to act. Mistake!


In the United States, there has been an obvious decline in the memberships of the Protestant groups. These groups are down in total numbers:

  1. Methodist,
  2. Presbyterian,
  3. Disciples of Christ,
  4. Episcopal,
  5. All Baptist groups, and
  6. Pentecostal.


The reason is understood clearly because of what is preached from the pulpit. The “social gospel” has been adopted by the rank and file of the churches. Mistake!


Once the churches adopted the idea that people should depend upon the government.  The time for Christian worship was practiced only as an afterthought. Mistake!


So many preachers and minsters look on the position as a 9:00 to 5:00 job that is no different than being an employee at a retail store. These people expect the same benefits such as retirement, medical, long vacation, and gifts from their boss. Mistake!

We must do something to resolve our mistakes.

It is difficult for we, as humans, to openly confess our mistakes.



We can throw off any guilt that’s inside of us by the confession of our mistakes. That is in our best interest. When the first gospel sermon was preached, it was Peter who cried out the path of redemption. We have part of Peter’s speech – but in all probability not the entire sermon.


The Jews and foreigners were troubled by what was openly remarked. Acts 2:37, starts the way to correct a mistake.

“Now when they heard this, they were pricked in their heart, and said unto Peter and to the rest of the apostles, Men and brethren, what shall we do?”



There must be the acknowledgement of the blunder or sin that was committed. In one sense a weight is lifted from our mental shoulders when we seek to cover up a mistake it bears upon us, This is a means by which we release a problem that is deep within us.


There is always an answer for the error. It was Peter that gave the answer to this mass of people in Acts 2:38.

“Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.”

One area which must be taken is when it is a fact the blunder happens – then action must be taken. It is never enough to ONLY state the wrong or mistake that happened. We must figure out how to make things right again.

Right now – political mistakes have occurred and action must be taken.


People such as Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and Charles Schumer. They should be harassed unmercifully because of what they have done to the Republic. Here are some areas.

  • File lawsuit against them on merit,
  • Investigate their personal lives,
  • Ridicule them personally,
  • Write about how evil their actions have been,
  • Talk about what has taken place, and
  • Investigate their economic conditions.


There must be a way to remove these people from the destruction they are performing. We should never expect such individuals to reform. Wars seem to be a part of the humans mentally. War demands strong decisive military leaders. Civilian leadership never conducts wars in any intelligent manner. Wars are to be fought quickly and aggressively.


Paul the Apostle, knew that fast action was important. The Phillippian jailer was converted quickly. This was told in Acts 16:32-33.

“And they spake unto him the word of the LORD, and to all that were in his house. And he took them the same hour of the night, and washed their stripes; and was baptized, he and all his, straightway.”


When the way has been clearly shown we must not make the same mistake twice. The nations of Israel went thought this again and again Jeremiah 2:5-6.

“Thus, saith the LORD, What iniquity have your fathers found in me, that they are gone far from me, and have walked after vanity, and are become vain? Neither said they, Where is the LORD that brought us up out of the land of Egypt, that led us through the wilderness, through a land of deserts and of pits, through a land of drought, and of the shadow of death, through a land that no man passed through, and where no man dwelt?”



Israel 40:30-31, were promised renewed strength.

“Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall: But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”


At a special occasion, Jesus sent out a group of special people as told in Luke 10:2-3.

“Therefore, said he unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the LORD of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest. Go your ways: behold, I send you forth as lambs among wolves.”


The point is the same. When faults are found – then confess the mistake. Do not let it linger or else greater problems will come upon us. America has been observed as always doing right after we have done everything wrong.



  1. Mistakes in war.
  2. Mistakes in politics.
  3. Mistakes in churches.
  4. Confession and action will cure the mistake.


God Bless our Democratic Republic.




 “I am resolved no longer to linger,
charmed by the world’s delight;
things that are higher, things that are nobler,
these have allured my sight.

I will hasten to Him,
hasten so glad and free;
Jesus, greatest, highest,
I will come to Thee.

 I am resolved to go to the Savior,
leaving my sin and strife;
He is the true one; He is the just one,
He has the words of life.


 I am resolved, and who will go with me?
Come, friends, without delay;
taught by the Bible, led by the Spirit,
we’ll walk the heavenly way.”





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